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    Loop Classic Reel 8-11 for sale

    Evening all, I have a Loop Classic 8-11 left hand wind with ported plate for sale. Very lightly used and in perfect working order but it does have a dent on the frame and a few light scratches, all visible in the pics and asking price reflects the cosmetic damage. Asking for £375 which...
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    Carham - Canal or Streamy??

    thanks guys, much appreciated
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    Carham - Canal or Streamy??

    hi all, tinterweb given limited info and/or pics for Carham so hoping Tweed locals with knowledge of the beat or anglers with experience of fishing Carham could give an opinion on the claims within accuracy of the descriptions on *ishpal or T-beats. Both describe the beat as having a a high...
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    Pet Hates

    pet hates 1. those who take an hour to fish 20 yards 2. the ones who want to fish 3 pools at once cos a fish were caught there 3 weeks ago, make an informed decision *** nd go with it 3. over wading combined with ropey casting 4. lucky feckers with no idea and cant fish for toffee 5. 'mind if i...
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    Zenith 14'6 9 weight

    BUMP - reduced to £320 + pp from £350 evening all, Hardy Zenith 14'6 9# in great condition, has the section stoppers, cloth bag and metal rod tube. I'm looking for £320 + p&p, i can send a few pics to anyone interested cheers Ben
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    Zenith 14'6 9 weight

    BUMP - reduced to £320 + pp evening all, Hardy Zenith 14'6 9# in great condition, has the section stoppers, cloth bag and metal rod tube. I'm looking for £350 + p&p, i can send a few pics to anyone interested cheers Ben
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    Lower Caberston Advice

    evening all, can anyone offer any insight into this beat pls? 1. is it decent fly water 2. suit low, medium or high water 3. likely to be sharing with the locals 4. are they catching at the moment 5. anything else worth noting possible trip up next week but due diligence might save...
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    Beats for end Feb

    Evening all any Dee locals or regulars recommend a beat for a few days week 27th Feb please? Already ruled Invery/Tilquillie & crathes castle out due to cost any advice welcome thanks Ben
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    Loop Multi 9-12 Spare Spool

    Evening all, If anyone has a spare spool for a Loop Multi 9-12 that they are prepared to part with please drop me a pm thanks Ben
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    Jetstream 65' 8/9# float or Equalizer 63' 8/9# float

    Jetstream 65' 8/9# 9/10 or 10/11 float or Equalizer 63' 8/9# float Evening, looking for a Carron Jetstream Spey 65' 8/9, 9/10, 10/11# float or a Gaelforce Equalizer Spey 63' 8/9, 9/10 or 10/11# If anyone has one in good condition they are prepared to move on please send me a pm thanks Ben
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    Loop Opti Megaloop Fly Reel

    ​reel now sold 13/01/17 Hi all, Having a bit of a clear out and selling a Loop Opti Megaloop reel. Practically brand new, bought in a moment of weakness and not been out of the pouch since and sat gathering dust so someone might as well get some use out of it. Not a single mark on it and...
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    EA fisheries report 2015-2016

    Link to latest EA annual fisheries report 2015-2016. Details how our licence money is used
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    Ribble at Wadington Bridge

    Hi all, Does anyone know the club/association or riparian owner who has the trout fishing above and below Waddington Bridge on the Ribble? Thanks in advance Ben
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    Couple fish from Tyne

    Don't often post fishy pics but thought these two worth sharing. Fish each for me and a pal, can't ask for much more from a days fishing in middle of March Gary's fish weighed at 15 (top pic) Didn't weigh mine but est 14
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    Vision GT 7-9 spool wanted

    Don't suppose anyone has a Vision GT 7-9 spool in bronze lying around they could be tempted to part with? Cheers Ben
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    Blow for fish farms?

    For info... Principle of time limited planning permissions for fish farms affirmed by Scottish Government The fish farming industry has received a blow after the principle of time-limited planning permissions for marine salmon farms was affirmed by the Scottish Government. The Scottish...
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    Stealth 13 v zenith 13'6

    Evening all, looking for some advice, thoughts or comments on stealth 13ft v zenith 13'6". In the market for something in the 13ft mark, spend most of my time on the N, S & main Tyne and use shooting heads most of the time and skagit comes out occasionally early and late season. Price &...
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    Cross S1 9'6-7#for salmon fishing

    Has anyone used a cross s1 9'6"-7# for salmon fishing and if so how did you get on with it? Want a single hander for summer fishing, ideally would have a 10' 7# or 8# but not likely to see one in the s1 range in near future I hear despite being advertised Cheers Ben
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    Insurance for Ponoi trip

    Can anyone who has fished in Russia give me an idea of insurance companies who offer cover and what I should expect to pay please. Guessing standard travel insurance wouldn't cover a chopper in case of emergency evacuation or rods reels waders etc going missing on route! Thanks Ben
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    Go Pro Mount for fly rod

    Does anyone use a go pro camera attached the handle of fly rod? If so which mount do you find works best? Not keen on using chest or head mount Any advice welcome Cheers Ben