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    End of Traditional Netpen Farming

    I see that Atle Eide , ex Marine Harvest CEO and current Salmar chairman has expressed the view that current traditional net pen farming will be gone by the end of this decade. He is of the opinion that Offshore closed containment and land based Salmon production are the way ahead. I suspect...
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    Wrasse Conservation

    I had an interesting conversation with a contact from the West Coast today. The chat go onto salmon farming and in particular the catching of wrasse for use as cleaners. One business was reputed to have been given a contract for 40,000 wrasse at £ 3.50 p/ fish ! I think that this may have been...
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    Double Standards !

    I note from an article in the Scottish section of BBC news today that there is to be a £6 M injection of funding into a stoat eradication programme in Orkney. The cash is coming from the EU ‘s LIfe Fund. The stoats are a threat to ground nesting birds and the Orkney Vole. It turns out that RSPB...
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    Loch Maree Seatrout and Martin Jaffa

    Earlier today I noticed an e mail in my inbox from Callander MCDowall which drew attention to a publication written by MJ which supposedly illuminates one to the reasons behind the demise of the seatrout in this Loch. There was a link to Amazon , which I did not follow , instead I deleted the...
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    Line Recommendation for Bloke 11ft3 8/9 Switch

    The time has come for me to decide which line to plump for on my Bloke Switch. I know that the Barrio and Gaelforce lines come highly recommended as integrated options so probably would not look past these if I go down that route. What heads would go well ? I have a hankering to try something...
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    Bloke 11ft 3 in 8/9 s/head Switch Rod

    Perhaps a long shot but looking for the above.
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    Run Timing

    Pls ignore, posted in error.
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    Straying Salmon

    I have a simple question but I suspect that there will be no simple answer ! At what point does a salmon decide to become a stray ? Is an individual fish pre-programmed to wander or can it be the case that a fish returning to the vicinity of it's natal stream decides it does not like the...
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    Tropical Travel Spin

    A long shot I know but perhaps some of the toothy crittur anglers on here may have something to suit. Ideally looking for a Fox Sailfish Trek Spin or a Fox Permit Trek Spin. Failing that something of a similar ilk, rated for 20gm up to 80 or 100 gm.
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    Scandi Versitips

    Hi Guys Just wondering where I could get my hands on some 10 ft Versitips at short notice ( 2/3 days). Megastore do them but need to be ordered.........cannot wait until next season ! Thanks
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    Yet Another Salmon Escape

    I see that Intrafish are today reporting that Marine Harvest have lost 16,000 from one of their sites at Carradale , Argyll. Fish averaging 10 lb apparently. However we should not worry as MH have said that these were from 'slow maturing stock' and would not attempt to enter any rivers thereby...
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    Infected Escapees Found In River

    I came across an interesting article on the Intrafish site today concerning infected escaped farmed salmon . It seems that the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research are reporting that escaped , virally infected , farmed salmon were found in a river which discharges into the Hardangerfjord ...
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    Single Hander conversion to Switch

    I have a old 10 ft 8 wt single handed Fibatube rod , I guess it may be more than 30 years old and will , as things , stand probably not be used again. I am wondering it would an idea to convert it to a switch rod by adding an extension handle. How would I actually seat the extension into the...
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    Rio Versitip - Welding Loops

    I have a set of Versitips from my Windcutter Multi Tip which I intend to team up with a Scandi Body. Being as these Versitips are a few years old they do not have welded loops on the tip. In order to rectify this I purchased a heat gun and together with some shrink tubing set about welding my...
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    Vice Advice

    Hi guys After several decades of tying on two very cheap and nasty basic vices I have decided to treat myself and move a little up market. In all the years that I have tied I have never really considered the merits of the additional functionality of these more advanced vices so am at a bit of...
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    Onshore Salmon Farm - Glasgow

    Intrafish Media are today reporting that a Norwegian company have succeeded in acquiring the lease on a disused airfield West of Glasgow on which they are to house an onshore farm in a 5000 sq m hangar. Production licences have not yet been acquired but are expected to be to hand in months. The...
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    Scottish Aquaculture 'Flat Lining'

    I note from trade press today that SSPO (Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation) have said that their industry , in volume terms , has been flatlining for the last ten years. They also say that the growth target of increasing production by 50 K mt over the next 6 years will require additional...
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    Usan Seal Cull - Application Withdrawn

    I see that trade media is reporting today that Usan have withdrawn their application to Marine Scotland in respect of a seal cull at the Ythan Esuary. Apparently this has been done after 'careful consideration'. More likely this decision has been made in the face of 800 members of a Facebook...
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    Faroese Threat

    I see that the Faroese have been letting our government know of their intentions to re-start salmon netting. Salmon war threatened by Faroes over nets - The Scotsman
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    Danielsson H5D 9/13 Drag Setting

    Took delivery of my new Danielsson yesterday , a very nice bit of kit. I has arrived with drag set at the maximum , 5. This seems a big strong so I'll need to adjust. Is drag setting 4 an adequate setting for the use of this reel here in the UK ?