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  1. meyre

    River Eachaig new video

    Yes - and that is a pity. Are there now pens in Holy Loch?
  2. meyre

    River Eachaig new video

    It is a lovely stream and Ian is right about night fishing even in lowest water.....the finnock can slip straight in on the tide from the loch. My father in law bought one of the 'shares' when it opened and did so for the good reason that American subs and fish farms do not work well...
  3. meyre

    Wye 2021

    Chicken - waste .... no , a source of income for someone. It can be transformed into feed..yes for fish, it can be burnt and also composted without diminishing its PKN quality.....who knows possibly cavity wall stuffs for insulation? With some handy encouragement from above none of it should...
  4. meyre

    Is Angling going to the Dogs?

    Hmmm John's right... interesting things dogs .... it is said that there are some who know exactly where the fish are and will go and sit opposite the run . They get a bit agitated when the trainee with the clever double voodoo snap T cast fails to chivvy along to the spot indicated by their...
  5. meyre

    Wye 2021

    Absolutely Fixedspool they wouldn't! In truth Alex Johnson's knowledge of beavers doesn't go very deep....however I'm sure he'd be delighted to know how they improve fingerlings' micro environment by encouraging bush and brash cover.
  6. meyre

    Wye 2021

    Funding ...ahhh yes the lifeblood of Concerned Understanding National Trusts and similar foundations The RWGA and Angling Trust should immediately apply for the tree scheme . Fish Legal could get to work on abating the deleterious effects of noxious open applications of phosphate laden manures...
  7. meyre

    Wye 2021

    Well I guess they do . Just as a motor garage's apron does. Like smoking in shops and bars was addressed these 'sources' will have to be managed differently and those permits withdrawn. . Very simple ..... and not a single additional tree required.
  8. meyre

    Afon/River Teifi

    Oh yes and the cuddly seals, whose fascinating life at the Teifi's mouth Sian Phillips will be narrating on S4C .....
  9. meyre

    Wye 2021

    Also one wonders if there is a useful example of a river similar to the Wye which has had its environment ruined and subsequently restored. It's must easier to copy than to start from zero.
  10. meyre

    Wye 2021

    Hmm indeed a pea-green river is good for very little other than hypoxic or anoxic tolerant nematodes. Whatever is going into the Wye is prejudicial to it's inhabitants and ultimately to those who drink it , paddle in it or use it for watering crops and livestock. Time to stop faffing around...
  11. meyre

    Wye 2021

    I was reading through the 'Smolt Tagging' pages and saw Jockiescott had underlined a subtle danger in effluent from the recent BBC Glasto 'drugs and hormones' report; "We [also] need to raise awareness around drug and pharmaceutical waste - it is a hidden, worryingly-understudied yet...
  12. meyre

    Wye 2021

    Further to Messrs Chilton, Maynard et al ~ Ranunculus - Herewith some science...and from it a query as to what killed the weed? Not Phosphates, not strong flows, not sewage, not even perhaps some eutrophication - Turbidity yes and something else , a poison perhaps? What goes onto the land...
  13. meyre

    River Tyne 2021

    Water could the rain which drowned Glasgow not come east? So, below Bellingham x1 11lb salmon on Weds & perhaps 4 s/ts of 3 - 5 lb were had on #12 orange Ally Tues and Fri.... a good few S/t showing and a number of salmon hiding in deep holes. Yes there are fish there. Dismal...
  14. meyre

    Wye 2021

    The Senedd is very supportive of the farming community and so the NRW which is 'owned' by the same is also very supportive. Nothing wrong in that approach except that it allows a persistent small number of 'couldn't care / won't pay' offenders to undermine the responsible majority of farmers...
  15. meyre

    Wye 2021

    Lack of salmon, decline of the Wye In 1913 Augustus Grimble published his 3 volume survey of The Salmon Rivers of England and Wales, Scotland, Ireland. Where pollution affected salmon runs ... Tyne or Wear, he identified it, for the most part salmon were adversely affected by netting throughout...
  16. meyre

    Are shooting heads just simply 'better' than spey lines?

    I agree with CH and Michael - he's a considered scientist. On a large river ; the Spey, Tyne , Wye or similar, a 55-70' modern Spey line is the thing. A rod of 13.9-15' to launch them. Out goes 25-35yds of a cast with 10-15' of tippet. You 'swing' cover 100' of stream ( don't omit to fish the...
  17. meyre

    25 lbs stonker

    Where and on which...very pretty beastie.
  18. meyre

    Michael Evans Speycaster II 15’ rod..

    Evans Arrowhead lines....inherited in 2009 a 10/11 white floater and a 10/11 light green Intermediate , both 66' heads. Used them for 2 seasons on 10/11 Z-axis 15' with just 12' of Maxply leader. No problem and no feeling that a poly leader would add to performance. They are very good...
  19. meyre

    The Best #8 Fly Line for Estuary Waters

    Try a Scandi....Rio Shorthead or perhaps Barrio ISS or best of all 3M Striper Intermediate excellent for S/trout/Bass/cool water Reds, if you can find one!
  20. meyre

    Broken Oracle scandi 14`9

    Broke similar 6 pce Oracle 14'.9'' fault for not binding the joints. Shakespeare replaced without query and this has operated perfectly for 4 years in river, salt and lake as my stowable in-flight, travel Spey rod. Sure, for the money a handy piece of kit that has 'feel' to it & throws a...