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    NUFC up for sale

    I've just read the latest soccer news and see the NUFC is up for sale..........about time. Let's hope they can attract someone who is prepared to put some real money into the club and persuade Benitez to stay and take them to new levels.
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    Hillman type fishing weights.

    I called in on Alan this morning to drop off some mounts and he showed me some Hillman type fishing weights which he purchased on Ebay. They look fine to me and weigh in at 12gms. I've never used them in the past but if your are wanting some, they are on Ebay. I think Alan said he paid £6.50...
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    I see it's been reported that WWE owner Vince McMahon is sniffing around NUFC with a possible view to buying the club from Mike Ashley. There may a god after all.
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    River Lune 2014

    I've been watching the Firbank rivercam every day for the past 10 days and there's been a lot of water flowing. According to the Shap weather station, last December was the wettest month for some time. Early reports from river walkers suggest a fair amount of gravel movement on some mid Lune...
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    Harsh winter forecast

    Once again the Daily Express is forecasting doom and gloom. It seems we are in for the worst winter in decades with freezing cold, heavy snow, blizzards etc from November onwards. I'd like to take this opportunity to say farewell to our friends in Scotland, especially the hilly bits, and see you...
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    Ebay Software Glitch

    If you have anything listed for sale on Ebay it might be worth checking it's stiil being listed. This morning I learned that there has been a glitch (yet again) with Ebay's software and 10000 listings have disappeared. I learned this through the media as Ebay didn't have the courtesy or...
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    Frozen Salmon on the M62!

    I've just read on the BBC local news that a lorry has crashed on the M62 in East yorkshire and spilled 10 tons of frozen salmon. I wonder where all these salmon originated?
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    Royal Mail Price Increases

    Some Royal Mail prices will be increasing wef 2nd April 2013. Letters and Large letters remain the same and the changes within the UK effect the new small and medium parcel rates. European and World (Zones 1 & 2) prices have also increased.
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    Bonjour bonny lad!!

    It looks as if speaking/understanding Geordie is not going to be sufficient at St. James Park any more. Pardew has just signed the eighth Frenchman and I hear on the grapevine he's after two more. I'm told people are now starting referring to the club as Les Magpies.;):eek:
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    Spey Products (The Devon Minnow Site)

    I've received an email from Billy Davidson (Spey Products/The Devon Minnow Site) to say he's closing down to concentrate on his proper job. Billy works offshore as a medic and from what he says, it sounds as he's been asked to take on additional responsibilities and just won't have the time...
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    Observations from Lincolnshire

    Having safely and seamlessly completed our move to Lincolnshire, I'm enjoying living in a bungalow at street level and no longer being perched on the side of a hill halfway up the Pennines in low cloud.:( I'm enjoying sitting out on our newly acquired de-luxe patio, surrounded by fruit trees :D...
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    What a day - Thursday 3rd May

    It went something like this: 10.55am observed some young reprobate attempting to break into my garden hut. Not being able to move quickly, I turned on the house burglar alarm and watched through the window. Never seen anyone run so fast and disappear up the street.:D All the screw are the...
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    Roy Hodgson

    It's just been announced that the FA have approached West Brom manager Roy Hodgson about the England manager's job.
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    Stainless steel wire

    Having a clear out pending our move to Lincolnshire and have come across a spool of stainless steel wire I don't need. Any use to anyone? Approximately 600ft of .020 Mason single strand stainles steel wire, 30lbs test, plus two other small packets of the same.
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    Jocky Wilson RIP

    Just read that Jocky Wilson has died at 62. A great darts player. RIP Jocky.
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    Capello quits

    It's just been announced that Capello has resigned as the England manager following discussions with the FA.
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    Lune 2012

    Heavy rain at Shap this morning resulting in a big river, well over 10ft at Caton.:(
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    Quote of the Year

    Quote of the Year from Owen Coyle, manager of Bolton Wanderers after yesterdays 2-0 defeat to Newcastle United..................."Shooting yourself in the foot leaves a nasty taste in your mouth". Right....I'll take his word for it.:confused:
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    Newtyle Fishings

    Just noticed in the December Trout and Salmon that Newtyle is up for sale.
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    River Clyde Springer

    Just received a message to say a 14lbs salmon was taken on the Clyde further details.