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    Is it worth booking February fishing?

    Il be trawling loch tay a few days in Feb and March fresh run salmon that time of year
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    When should you fish a sink tip for salmon

    So a floating line with a intermediate tip 3 to 4 ft of tippet and a small tube is fine for most small river fishing
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    River Earn.

    Thanks for the information my grandad fished the loch and river on a regular basis stayed in his camper and just fished away I will try look some pics out over the winter to share he used to catch very big fish im extremely jealous haha
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    When should you fish a sink tip for salmon

    I've fished the full year with only a 10 ft leader on small spate river When should I put a sink tip on is it needed or is a full floating line and a fly ok hight is 0.3 to 0.6 running water thanks in advance
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    Yes.......the do still exist!

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    River Earn.

    Do many people still fish the ruchill my grandad used to fish it years ago and said it was amazing for sea trout never hear much about it now
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    Autumn prospects

    My river has been on its bones all year when we eventually get a flood I think they will fire right up over the falls to the next club water where the spawning grounds are not stopping in the lower water glad I managed to get a permit for the Upper River this year might get a fish when they run
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    What's makes a "good angler"?

    A river that gets rain we've had none sice march basically. Haveing time to get out is a factor but I'd also say haveing funds to have days on locations where your chances are good helps also
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    A wee keeper

    Lovely proper silver
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    Black Cart Water

    Yeah I moved into the area and that's how I got a permit only walked the pools to get to know them still on Abercorn for now will have a day or 2 on black cart when we get a flood aswel as bow pools looking forward to trying them when the fish are in as I don't have much luck for the salmon down...
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    Black Cart Water

    Yes Abercorn to we get a flood then il be up bow as have a permit for thair to mate
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    Black Cart Water

    I lost a salmon on the fly on gryffe last sat there is some in mate just hideing deep to rain
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    Kynoch killer lure can it be fished from the bank

    I have fished these from boats can they be fished in a river from the bank say standing at the top of a run and just holding in the fast running water to make it sink down a bit cant see any info on this thanks
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    Is the hooked jaw normal in a farmed salmon never seen 1 with it
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    Cracker sir well done thats a fish of a lifetime farmed or not
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    Proposed River Grading for Scotland 2022

    Probs just throw darts at a map the heat wave and lack of fishing this year surely affects this dramatically
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    Yards of line how many

    On average how much years of line should I put on a normal sized spinning reel for salmon I put 110 yard spool on but not sure that's enough just for small spate rivers
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    Daiwa Whisker Spin

    I gave 1 of these away for free few year back after buying a new rod not knowing it was worth money arrrr