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  1. riffled hitch


    Is it just me or is the reply with quote function not working properly, a few times I have done so and just my reply shows on the thread without the quote, :help:
  2. riffled hitch

    Guess the pool 19

    Guess the pool and river no 19 Guess the pool 19 Also trying to find my feet posting photos
  3. riffled hitch

    Final figures

    With many of the northern Scottish rivers closed and the few that are still open soon to be closed, how long does it take for the final catch figures to become public? Looking ahead to 2017 I'm seriously considering making multiple fishing trips north of Inverness. A part of scotland I used...
  4. riffled hitch


    Finally plucked up the courage to join the forum. l have often looked in from the outside and was reluctant to join due to some of the argumentative threads but it seems to have settled down of late. I'm a lover of all forms of fishing but salmon,trout and sea trout is my bread and butter...