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    As Scarce As Hen`s Teeth

    Anyone know why it`s so difficult to find Golden Pheasant Body Skins at the moment. I can get black, purple or green, but that`s it.
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    How to attach a loop to the end of an Airflo Skagit Sinking T-7 Tip 10ft Custom

    I just purchased the above Sinking Tip. It has a loop at one end only. How do I make a loop at the tippet end. I`ve seen on You Tube two methods, one method used a nail knot and Maxima monofilament to create a loop, and the other used a braided loop, superglue, and shrink tubing. The diameter of...
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    Loop Evotec CAST Switch Rod

    I see Loop have reduced the price of their Loop Evotec CAST Switch Rod to €419 at their outlet store . Anyone any experience of this rod or recommend it.
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    Attaching a polyleader to the end of a Rio Scandi ShortVersitip line?

    Maybe this question has been answered before. I have just bought the above line in #8. I attached the 23ft head to my running line, and then attached the floating 10ft versitip to the head. Do I need to attach a polyleader to the end of the versitip before I attach my leader and fly, or do I...
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    ECHO ION Fly Reel 8/10 plus Spare Spool
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    GREYS G-Tec 10ft. 7 wt. ( 3 piece)
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    Bavins cane rod

    A friend has given me a double handed cane fly rod that he found when he was clearing out his house. The makers name on the rod is BAVINS. The rod is in good condition and I intend using it. Anyone know anything about this rod maker. Cheers
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    How does GR70 rod compare with the G-Tec rod.

    Hi, I already have a Greys G-Tec 10ft #7 wt, and I`m very happy with it. I was looking to move to an #8 wt rod and I was looking at the GR70 10ft #8wt. Does anyone have this rod and how does it compare to the G-Tec as regards casting action.
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    Advice on forceps

    Looking for advice on best forceps to buy for salmon fishing.What length, straight or curved,best value ?
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    A few more Irish Shrimp Flies for the Summer.

    Some Shrimp Flies on size 10 E.D Trebles.
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    Jungle cock cape for swap

    I have a Jungle Cock cape which still has a good selection of large and very small eyes / feathers. No middle sized eyes remaining on capes as they have been used. Looking to swap for cape which still has some middle / medium sized eyes / feathers.Bought from FISHERMANS FEATHERS. PM if...
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    help with crossword

    Can anyone help with clue in trout and salmon crossword.Stuck on this last clue. CLUE: Modern caddis-fly pattern 8 letters SE_G_H_G I only have ever fished with wet flies so I dont have a clue.Could it be SEDGEHOG? Is there such a fly? All help appreciated.:confused::confused::confused:
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    Glenties Shrimp Fly

    :D:):):):) I was at the Loughs Agency Angling Fair at the weekend. I watched Brendan Garland tying a Glenties Shrimp fly.He had caught a 10 lber earlier in the morning on one.This is my attempt at tying the Glenties Shrimp fly. Hook: Size 10 ED treble Tying Threads: Yellow...
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    Looking for Snowbee Floating 1D-8/9F fly line.

    Anyone got a Snowbee Spey Floating 1D-8/9F Line (51ft 36gms) for sale?
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    Whats the catch

    :confused::confused::confused:Whats the catch?(excuse the pun) or is this a decent reel at a giveaway price?
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    Effect of Barometric Pressure on Fish Take

    Anyone read the book -Trout, Salmon & the Evening Rise The Barometric Breakthrough by Andrew Bett?The author claims that salmonids and the aquatic insects on which they feed both respond to barometric pressure changes.He has research to show that trout and salmon respond to very small changes in...
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    Advice on VAC-RAC rod carriers.

    :confused::confused::confused::confused: Anyone use the Vac-rac rod carriers, or any other make of rod carrier. What do you think of them and would you recommend buying one?.Tired of driving with my flyrod sticking out the front passenger window of the car. Thanks
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    Advice on repairing thigh waders

    I have a tear in one of my thigh wader boots (about 1/2 inch long).Looking for advice on how to repair.There are various products on internet but which would be best.Has anyone any experience of repairing rubber based waders.I was even thinking of using a bicycle repair kit to do the job. Any...
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    Need Advice on buying Single handed salmon rod

    Need some advice folks. I want to buy a new salmon rod, single handed, 11 ft,line wt. 7/8 and must not cost the earth.Can anybody advise me on what to buy? Thanks