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  1. ian74

    Guideline 4D Compact Multi Tip … SOLD …thanks to buyer

    I have a Guideline 4D Compact Multi Tip single hand 9/10 that weighs 25grams. Details in photo Only been test cast with the intermediate tip! In shops for £140… selling for £90 posted to UK. (Paypal as friend or fees your end) A lot of money but basically as new!
  2. ian74

    sign of the time
  3. ian74

    Trout & Salmon offer...

  4. ian74

    Loop discount code

    Got this in email, this weekend only... 20% OFF ALL MAIN STORE ITEMS Join us this Black Friday weekend where you'll be able to get an incredible 20% off all main store items online - perfect for Christmas shopping or kitting yourself out ahead of the new season. To access your discount simply...
  5. ian74

    End of season?

    Two weeks left, but I might just end with this one from this morning...:)
  6. ian74

    Wullie Gunn scores!

    Wullie was on today, first time for a while (out of favour) and he scored... might have to start wi him tomorrow! :o Wee cock fish about 6/7lb. PS. he wasn’t lifted by the tail and swam off no problem... (the fish, no Wullie) :p
  7. ian74

    Salmologic heads 31g

    Two Salmologic 31gram Logic heads. A Floating and a Float/Sink1. ...£35 each... or £65 inc post for the pair. I bought these a couple of weeks ago from a forum member as being test cast only. Tried them myself yesterday and think I prefer my Rio. Thanks!
  8. ian74

    into October

    Back end run started this morning! :o Apologies for the photo, it was a bit lively. (Never anybody else there to take a photo!)
  9. ian74


    I was fishing at first light this morning, wading knee depth at the top of a pool. I saw a log about ten yards below and slightly closer to the bank and thought how did that float past without me noticing it? You guessed, it was an otter, which dissappeared as quickly as it appeared! My question...
  10. ian74

    Lamson... excellent service

    I needed a new clutch bearing for my Lamson Velocity reel, so I sent an e-mail last week (the 9th). I got a reply the same day saying they would send one, free of charge. It arrived this morning (15th) USA/Scotland less than a week! I would like to take this opportunity to praise Waterworks-...