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  1. Pollowick

    Scottish Cricket

    Is anyone else following the T20 preliminaries? Scotland beat Bangladesh a couple of days back, today they are about to beat Papua New Guinea and on Thursady are playing Oman. They should get through to the final 12 when they will be facing the big guns ... England, India, S Africa and more.
  2. Pollowick

    Lionel Main - Castle Grant

    Many of you will have fished Castle Grant on one of the three beats and will have know Lionel either directly or by reputation. I have just heard that he passed away yesterday after a few months of illness. I will certainly miss his humour and comments about me being a "useless Englishman" all...
  3. Pollowick

    Haribo Gummi Bears

    Does anyone eat them? and if so are they sugar free? They could be te ideal way to keep your waders warm in a cold river. Read this review:
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    New Scottish Government Advice

  5. Pollowick

    Is no-one safe?

    Given what is happening at present ...
  6. Pollowick

    Fishing the Tweed

    What is the situation? Can it be fish or can it not? The English lockdown rules allowing angling, the Scottish do not? If I fish from an English bank and only cast to the midpoint and ignore fish on te Scottish side am I OK? What happens if the fish swims to Scotland? OR can I...
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    What do you prefer to eat?

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    Cookie & Privacy notification

    Why do I get the same notification every few days to accept/reject the cookies used on this site? I accept a set of settings I am happy with and then two or three days later - same message again.
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    I have a small river through my garden and own all rights to fishing &c along that stretch. Just upstream where a neighbour owns 1m back from he bank, there was a collapse last year and he now has just 20cm! The bank had been undermined - partially by current but maybe by something else...
  10. Pollowick

    East Fife 4 - Forfar 5

    The Eric Morecambe classic has finally come true - albeit after penalties: East Fife Four - Forfar Five
  11. Pollowick

    A modern day job interview ...

  12. Pollowick

    Help for a charity

    Last year, one of the members here asked for votes in the AVIVA community funding ballot to support their application for river improvements. Please can I ask for some additional support for another, non-fishing charity in this years ballot. Every block of votes would really be appreciated...
  13. Pollowick


    An often overlooked beat that is at the lower end price wise. I like it for the easy wading and tranquillity as well as being remote and with no canoeists. So far this week it has seen 30 Sea Trout taken including 10 today. July is probably the best Sea Trout month there and there is...
  14. Pollowick

    They've started. "I was groomed by John Noakes" ...

    ... claims Shep!
  15. Pollowick

    Ex-Ukip politician calls for death penalty ...

    ... for suicide bombers LINK
  16. Pollowick

    General Election - 8th June

    May to seek snap election for 8 June - BBC News
  17. Pollowick

    One from the Spey

    Measured 88cm - just under 35". She put up a hearty solid almost 20 minutes fight - pull, pull, pull, with slow strong runs and did not break the surface once until the Ghillie netted her for me. On return, a short while to recover and then bang, off into the deep again. And...
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    Latest Speech

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    Sky-writing - one step further shows what can be achieved if you plan the flight!