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    Small spate switch rod setup

    Looking into buying a switch rod for next season and was looking for recommendations for a full setup Inc reel, lines etc with a realistic budget nothing over the top (£600 max). Will be used on small Irish spate rivers in all conditions when suits, would prefer to buy one reel and load it...
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    Wading boots?

    What would be the best wading boots around the £50 mark? Niall
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    Is there any good deals on breathables & boots anywhere? Willing to spend around £150 or so, Niall
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    Turus a Bhradain -The Salmon's Journey

    Good as i have been waiting eagerly:)
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    Perfect fly box?

    I am looking for a fly b ox that will hold a good amount of flies such as shrimps and cascades mainly ranging from size 6's till 12's as i intend to make a smaller boc for size 14's:) So what would you recommend i dont want anything to big as i want it too fit into a pocket on my wading jacket...
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    Excellent service!

    Would just like to inform the members of this fourm on good service from a fellow member, Flyboy/John McLaughlin of Lough Swilly angling centre on his great service, i ordered a silver badger cape and it came very quickly and at a great price, Give him a go with capes as he wont let you down...
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    Fly Box,....

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    Are you still Quacking?

    Thought i would start a thread for fourm members on whether they had broken there duck for this season and how they caught this season's starter fish, i ceartinly hav'nt broken mines yet but have broken the top section of my trout rod and that about it:eek::D Im sure there are quite a few fourm...
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    Future life

    I have been thinking about life after school and was stuck in two minds about jobs. I really want to do something with fishing ect and was wondering what type of jobs are available and how and what grades ect you would need to get these types of jobs because id rather be doing something that i...
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    A wee dander down the Roe

    Wee burn flowing into the Roe View from the Burnfoot bridge Dead cock fish around 4-5lbs Dead badger
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    Drag/Tension ?

    Hi there i was just wondering how all of you anglers have the drag on your fly reels set is it tight or loose ?
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    Advice needed

    I know this topic has been mentioned in a couple of threads but i was wondering which would be the best chest waders for comfort, durability and most of all the price the reason i ask is because im in desperate need for a pair of waders for next season and i dont want the same thing as last...
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    Looking for a vice

    I have decided that i am going to take up fly tying and i was wondering were i would get a good quality vice to start me off thats not to pricey possibly around 20 quid i have sourced out were to get the rest of the tools which are : Bobbin holder (ceramic) Scissors Hackle pliers Whip finish...
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    The most reliable

    I was wondering what would be the most reliable knot for fishing with the fly i usally use a blood knot for everything but i think that theres better and more reliable knots out there. so what is your favourite and strongest most reliable knot. ? would a blood knot be ok if i did hook a...
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    Your fly teams

    Was wondering for all you fly anglers which would be your most productive dropper set up (which flies catches you the most ) and how much would be caught on the setup in a season or do the flies change with the weather .
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    The strangest flie that has worked

    I typed the worlds best salmon fly into google and on the 5 or 6 page i clicked o tis link as it said this fly caught a first salmon or something like that but have a look this is rare strange but it works so if you run out of fly tieng materials you know were to go to get some more:o...
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    Off the subject

    Off the subject of salmon angling but now as many if not most of the rivers around the country are coming to a seasons end so what type of angling if any do you do in the close season ,rainbow bashin,coarse, or sea fishing please state others if not mentioned. I was also wondering for all those...
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    What tips for what water

    I was wondering as i have purchased a multi-tip system spey line what tips would be best for what water types so what water would suit these tips floater,inter(1.5" a sec),fast sink(3" a sec) and extra fast(7" a sec). And what would be your favourite tips for water types Thanks all info...
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    Fishing all year round

    Would it be a good idea or bad idea to be legaliy able to fish all year round but c&r after september of fined. And only be able to used barbless hooks.
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    Funny Clips

    Was searching through Youtube and came across some funny videos so thought i would share them with the fourm so here the links: YouTube - Catching Salmon YouTube - FUNNY FISHING YouTube - john west salmon ad There all John West ads