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  1. Hoolet

    Bude, Cornwall

    Bottled out of heading for the sun at the end of this month so we’ve decided on a week in Cornwall instead, Never been to Cornwall before so we’re looking forward to our visit, anyone have any suggestions on where I could get a day ticket for Salmon or trout? I’d even consider a throw for some...
  2. Hoolet

    Sage Graphite 111 10150 15 Foot #10 Double Hander & Gaelforce Integrated Shooting Head

    Excellent powerful rod in good all round condition complete with Gaelforce integrated shooting head to suit the rod. Even an average caster like me can shoot this to the horizon £250 for both, pick up from East Lothian or can deliver within reasonable distance
  3. Hoolet

    Stobhall - Rod available Saturday 30th March

    Hi all, Due to illness I have one rod available for this coming Saturday (30th) Please PM for details. Hoolet
  4. Hoolet

    Pert - 2 rods this Friday (27th)

    Hi Lads, I have 2 rods available for this coming Friday on Luther/Bridges available due to starting a new job and not having holiday entitlement, Please PM if interested Regards, Hoolet
  5. Hoolet

    Loop multi 9-12 spare spool

    As above, if anyone has one going spare please pm, cash waiting Hoolet
  6. Hoolet

    Stillwater trout fishing near Bradford

    I'll be down in Bradford Monday till Friday next week for my new job induction and wondered if any members could recommend somewhere for a few hours in the evening? Thanks, Hoolet.
  7. Hoolet

    Silver Torpedo

    A new job interview in Motherwell meant I couldn't get to the beat until 12.30, the rest of the guys had been hard at it since 5am & there had been nothing landed but 2 lost. You couldn't make it up, Rod up, waders on, 3 casts to lengthen the line.... Bingo! 14lb belter. Spawny so & so
  8. Hoolet

    River Teith Crocodile

    Arrived quite early to find the river sitting at 1'6" and fish showing in all of the pools, Mate had a wee 4lb Grilse first run down the 2nd pool while 2 of us concentrated on the upper pool and runs. I lost a fish after a couple of headshakes then landed a cracking wee 2lb Seatrout which had...
  9. Hoolet

    Shocking state of Fish Farms

    Apologies if this has been posted before but I came across this on YouTube, seems very recent and really shocked me. Hopefully you can access the link here: A look inside salmon farms - YouTube Hoolet
  10. Hoolet

    North Esk Rod Available Tomorrow 26th July

    Due to unforseen circumstances i have 1 rod available for tomorrow if anyone can make it, Please PM for details. Hoolet.
  11. Hoolet

    Birthday Fishing

    Hi all, It's my 50th coming up on the 2nd of July, Mrs Hoolet has offered to book me a day somewhere, Problem is I can't think for the life of me where to book. I'm in East Lothian, Does anyone have any recommendations for a day Rod within travelling distance? Thanks, Hoolet
  12. Hoolet

    Rod available, Tomorrow

    Hi , Due to a very late call for a no show I have a rod available on an upper river beat for tomorrow. If you fancy it please PM me in the first instance Cost will be £25 for the day. Hoolet.
  13. Hoolet

    Disappearing Wading Jacket

    Hi all, i accidentally left my Wychwood wading jacket in the Taymount hut after a day with Tam (Longchuck) & Jordan (Allan Angler) a few weeks ago. Gave Cohn a call and he left the jacket hanging behind the door so I could pick it up next time I was near. Due to work I couldn't get there until...
  14. Hoolet

    2 spare rods on Pert

    Hello all, I have 2 spare rods available next Tuesday 3 rd on Pert if anyone's interested, please pm me for further details. Regards, Hoolet.
  15. Hoolet

    Pert,North Esk

    Due to unforseen circumstances,i have 3 rods available for tomorrow (6th July) on the Pert Beat of The North Esk,rods will be fishing the boat pool,if you`d like to go (cost £50 / rod day) please call me urgently on 07788 461252. regards, George.