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  1. Sk8ter

    Blank manufacturers and options available?

    I'm hoping to gather some information on who the better blank manufacturers are and what options are out there when it comes to picking a supplier and possibly a rod builder? I know I'm looking at getting a 4 piece, Skagit, fast action 13' - 13'6" (around 9 weight) to cast a 500gr -550gr Skagit...
  2. Sk8ter

    R.B Meiser 15' MKX

    Anyone fishing with the new CX or MKX Meiser Spey rod? What else is it comparable to that's sold here in the UK? As there are no agents and trying one out is not possible, I would be keen to get your feed back if you fish one of these. 1) Castability/lines 2) Finish 3) Warrenty Thanks