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    A couple for July

    Whipped these up to try and get the feel for the proportions of butts and wing dressing - not quite there yet but I think I'll still fish them when I can ever make it to the river again. A Silver Blue and a Black Bear Green Butt, both on size 8 Daiichi doubles. Any suggestions are welcome!
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    Low Water Blue Charm - first attempt

    First time tying a low water style (well, maybe my 20th fly ever, so perfection wasn't expected anyway), and I had to substitute the bronze mallard for the tail feathers of a wild turkey I shot last spring, but I think the effect is pleasing and not too far off. Still struggling with getting the...
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    Personal Best to end the season

    Had a bit of a dry streak this year, but my first landed salmon of the year was a great one! Mid day on a sz. 2 Silver Rat! We figured her to be 46 inches long.
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    Hi All

    Very new to salmon (and fly) fishing, but my family recently came into a membership in a camp on the Miramichi so I figured it was time to start getting some serious information about the sport in my home country! Looking forward to learning from you all and sharing the success as it comes if I...