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    Lightning Thread

    Just finished this, very enjoyable despite Mr Profumo's enthusiasm for sharing his extensive vocabulary, a bit of name-dropping too. Nevertheless, it is very well written and is often the case in these things, it may prove an epilogue for social and fishing cultures on the wane. Good company...
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    Sidney Spencer biography

    Hi, Some of you have shown an interest in the life and wonderful writing of Sidney Spencer so you may be pleased to know that Dan O'Donovan's book on Spencer has just been published by Coch-y-Bonddu Books as No. 13 in its series of Angling Monographs. Dan, as I know only too well, is a natural...
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    Partridge singles Wilson and Bartleet

    Hi, Partridge singles all in unopened packs of 25 Wilson Size 12, 4 packs @25 each Size 10, 3 packs @25 each Size 8, 3 packs @ 25 each Bartleet Size 8, 5 packs @ 25 each Size 6, 5 packs @ 25 each Selling as one lot, £80 including postage, less than half price.... and singles are the future...
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    Abu Morrum 3600 RH

    This is a generic pic of the reel but the one I'd like to sell is unused. I bought it as a spare maybe 12 years ago, never had a line on it, never on a rod. It was some sort of fancy Abu commemoration special at the time and cost over £300. I've used its twin every season since and never had a...
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    Hi Anyone with hands-on experience of these? On the pricey side but they have an appeal ... for a TT like me anyway thanks
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    Pflueger President Fly Reel 11/12

    Hi .... Pfluegerg President 11/12 reel plus spare spool in excellent condition, set up for RHW but easily converted .... don't ask me! I'm all thumbs and knees, mechanically illiterate. Weighs 7.5oz and is pretty tidy for a reel marked 11/12. £100 for reel and spool, plus £10 for postage. Very...
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    Salmonlogic Serenity 10' 11'' plus a set of matching Salmonlogic heads and a line and a few tips

    Hi all, I'm not sure this is for me, too subtle by half. It is though an excellent light rod with backbone. It's in topping order with the original bag and case. If someone is interested I have four matching Salmonlogic heads, three unused, a matching WF SL Floater line - used once or twice but...
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    Such abundance so recently ... Norway's Laerdal maybe 50 years ago

    The quality of the fish, and the fishing in this is almost unbelievable. Keep the zapper handy as it lags at times but some of the bags - see at around 20 mins - are beyond contemporary conception. This film seems around 50 years old and was made on Norway's Laerdal river. Enjoy, as it seems...
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    Single handed 8wt

    Hi all, I'd like to sniff out a 9' 6'', four-piece, 8wt rod. Someone may have one languishing in a garage after the 50th birthday rum-and-dancers trip to Cuba. I want it to throw bombers. It needs to fit in the bag for the holidays hence the 9' 6'' limit. ... if we can ever go on one of those...
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    Should we?

    This Forum rightly advocates measures to protect and enhance salmon populations. Therefore, should we apply the same enthusiasm to protecting other endangered species? Should we be more circumspect about advertising fly tying materials governed by CITES legislation or even materials from...
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    Rugby ban ... what a joke

    Owen Farrell banned for less than a month. English rugby has squandered even more of its credibility. The guy has been a serial offender for years, it's his trademark tackle and is, in this age of gym bunnies crashing into each other, far too dangerous. Dylan Hartley was bad enough but this guy...
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    Mowi fined £5m over fish escapes,commune%20in%20Los%20Lagos%20region.
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    shot fired at fishery officers, boat, nets and salmon seized
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    Dying rivers
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    coincidence or an explanation?

    Some of the south of Ireland rivers are having very decent runs of sea trout, the Corrib and the Moy seem to have runs of salmon beyond what we have come to expect in recent years. Tay, Tweed, Dee and Spey and many other Scottish rivers seem better than in recent years. Norway looking decent...
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    Two new books from across the pond ...

    Anyone read John Gierach's new book yet ... Dumb Luck and the Kindness of Strangers? His soft but solid story telling, always a sting in the tail, seems a perfect antidote to the mood of the time. Dumb Luck and the Kindness of Strangers by John Gierach Mark Kurlansky, the fella who did that...
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    Kelly Green trout line

    Hi A long shot but ... does anyone have an original Kelly Green intermediate trout line that they might sell? Wt 6 or 7 in decent condition, no cracks. thanks all and stay safe Jack
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    biased and proud of it... a rugby classic for the lockdown

    This has just been published in its entirety. What happy days for us Southern Paddies. Hope some of you rugby purists enjoy. I reckon only three of current mob would get on this Munster team - Murray if at this best and Earls anytime he likes. Kilcoyne the only forward to make the cut, says a...
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    Delux trout fly box ... as it's almost Christmas

    Hi, I have an unused, still-in-the-box Wheatley hard wood fly box, model 65607F. It's for trout flies, one side is a series of 16 small covered sections for dries and the other is foam. Box unmarked, never had a fly in it, name panel still blank.. See pics on link below. These retailed at over...