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  1. (Smolt)

    Best waterproofing agent?

    I've been out in the wets of March and the SST jacket could do with a waterproof top up. What have you guys used with good effect? I have a bottle of revivex at home, it advises to use a specific revivex product to wash the jacket with firstly (it would). I've been looking into diver daves...
  2. (Smolt)

    Bumpety bump

    Just tried to bump my classified ad, is this option gone now? All the best, L
  3. (Smolt)

    Hodgman Vion H-Lock Wading Boots

    i bought these boots last year and gave them a few sessions on the river, very light use, I changed them as I like a lighter boot, more like a hiking boot. These are very sturdy and secure boots and very like the Simms G3's. UK size 10. They come with 3 seperate soles, studded with grip (like...
  4. (Smolt)

    Salmologic Short cut shooting heads, Vac rac rod holders

    Vac rac also in perfect condition, used sporadically. Also €50/£45 Thanks for looking.
  5. (Smolt)

    Goran Andersson Signature 8'8 #2

    Above rod for sale, used a handful of times, beautiful rod and in perfect condition. Reason for sale is that I am going to use a Hanak for all my trout stuff from now on so surplus to requirements. The rod is rated as a #2 but it can take a #3 with ease and this may suit most. Retails from...
  6. (Smolt)

    River Finn, Donegal

    Don't think this ever made its way to the forum. Quite nice to watch.
  7. (Smolt)

    Loop Opti switch style rod 10ft 6 #8

    Would be great if any member knows of one of these out there? I would like to get a wiggle of it. Many thanks, Liam.
  8. (Smolt)

    Loop Cross Switch 11ft 5 piece travel rod #7

    Loop cross switch 5 piece travel rod 11ft #7. Can throw lines from 18-24grams depending on what you like to cast. In superb condition, has been used lightly. Retails for anything from £750 to £800 - €900-950 Selling for £480 including postage. Price drop £420 Payment via paypal. Many thanks.
  9. (Smolt)

    Loop rods, Gass 9'4 #4 and Cross 10ft #7 fast

    These rods seem to now be off the market. It is a Goran Andersson signature rod 9'4 #4. I used it in New Zealand as a nymphing rod for trout. It has a mark on the butt of the reel seat as pictured but otherwise perfect. Looking for €400 or £340 postage included Price drop €360 or £300 Open to...
  10. (Smolt)

    Guideline Lpxe 10ft #6 - 4 piece

    I recently just missed out on one of these when GAC started their clearance of the Lpxe range. Bit of a long shot but I would love to know if there is one out there looking for a new home :) Cheers lads.
  11. (Smolt)

    Loop clothing

    Last item to go. Rautas wading jacket in blue No signs of wear £80 RRP £322 Its a large fitting medium for those obscenely tall Scandis :) Link to jackets Loop Fishing Clothing, Opti Jackets, Vests, Waders, Shirts Open to sensible offers. Cheers lads.
  12. (Smolt)

    Wanted - Loop Goran Andersson signature 10ft #7

    Would greatly appreciate any help in sourcing the above mentioned rod. A few dealers have them but a second hand one would be ace. Cheers, Liam.
  13. (Smolt)

    Tom Bell - Low Diameter spey lines

    Don't know if anyone has talked about these lines on here yet. I see Tom's updates on FB about his company Sunray Fly Fish and the low diameter lines he is making, or getting manufactured, not sure which. Nice concept, simple and could be a new benchmark. The nymph line could do well with those...
  14. (Smolt)

    New Zealand so far

    I've done up a blog post on my trip so far in NZ. Forgive me for not putting the whole thing up here but its just simpler to put it on the blog, well not simpler it takes time, but I would have to do it all over again on here! We've done a lot of the North Island and the ferry is booked for...
  15. (Smolt)

    New Loop Evotec Cast series rods

    Here's the latest offering from Loop guys. Have a read and see what you think. Its a strong concept and the price point is attractive, as if you didn't need any more rods in your life! ;) EVOTEC CAST SERIES - Loop Tackle Design
  16. (Smolt)

    BIM withdraw Galway farm proposal

    Seems this news is just breaking, cant find a link on it yet but the story is being broadcast on rte radio 1 at the minute. Fantastic news for our wild salmons future.:D
  17. (Smolt)

    DHE Variant

    In full scale trout mode in anticipation of my travels. Here is a DHE that I have put a few different touches to, its on a Kamasan B100 size 14, olive rabbit body with glass rib body, natural hares ear thorax with a dubbing loop touch of CDC and coastal deer hair wing ;)
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    Caught this girl today on one of my local rivers in flood. Autumn is a beautiful season.
  19. (Smolt)

    New Zealand! Where to start?

    Hello all, So I am jetting off to New Zealand for a year, doing a work/holiday visa as it is known. Trying to get as much info into my jumbled up head as I can. I am going to be flying to Auckland in January so Jan/Feb are for fishing ;) Any members have experience of fishing in NZ? Any...
  20. (Smolt)

    Temple Things!

    I'm enjoying tying these small templedog type flies in anticipation for some local Autumn fishing (given buckets of rain). I think my favourites are the bottom left ones, I've used Future Fly marabou fox in the underwing and it certainly moves like the clappers. It needs some stiffer material...