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    POLL: Tie of the Month August 2021: 'The Far Side'

    NEWCOMER I hope you'll forgive my entering since I don't post much....not to mention the clumsily tied butt on this number, but I'm on the wrong side of Canada for steelhead so I just threw something together that looks Spey-ish for a study break with some steelhead orange in it. Hook is a Blue...
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    Skeena 2021

    Another Canadian, you made the right call. Right now I can't even travel to New Brunswick to the Miramichi, so I doubt they'll open external borders until November-ish at the very latest.
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    A couple for July

    Whipped these up to try and get the feel for the proportions of butts and wing dressing - not quite there yet but I think I'll still fish them when I can ever make it to the river again. A Silver Blue and a Black Bear Green Butt, both on size 8 Daiichi doubles. Any suggestions are welcome!
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    Low Water Blue Charm - first attempt

    First time tying a low water style (well, maybe my 20th fly ever, so perfection wasn't expected anyway), and I had to substitute the bronze mallard for the tail feathers of a wild turkey I shot last spring, but I think the effect is pleasing and not too far off. Still struggling with getting the...
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    Which reel?

    I've got a Vision XO that I use for my 8wt single hander and a friend has for her 7wt double hander and I've yet to have a bad experience with that reel - drag is smooth as silk and beautifully machined. Perhaps the only bad thing about it is the small-ish drag knob but the knurling on it is...
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    best 9/10 size reel in your opinions under £400

    Slightly above your range at a 422 MSRP, but I have a Vision XO and I'm rather impressed by it. All kinds of drag and verrry smooth - on par or better than my Hardy Fortuna at a fraction of the price.
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    **** happens..

    Nothing worse than that feeling! The worst one I ever had yet was to watch a lovely fish in the low 20s cartwheel in the air and throw the hook. Fly sailed directly back at me and landed limp at my boots as I watched it crash back into the river and make good its escape. Felt like I'd been gutted.
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    Green Machine (single) sizes 2 through 8

    I couldn't begin to count the number of times another salmon angler walked by or sat down at the bench, asked and was notified I hadn't had a hookup yet, and offered "have you tried a Green Machine yet?" - especially if they were from Doaktown! Beautiful bugs, but I'm of a similar mind to...
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    Your biggest mistakes in salmon fishing

    Not paying attention - missing fish because I didn't have enough tension on my line, not cranking my drag down to a salmon level after landing a striped bass that called for more steam than a salar will need, all the rookie adrenaline-fueled mistakes that I learned the hard way not to repeat.
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    15ft rods

    I fish almost exclusively with a 15 footer - only because it was the style of rod I was introduced to and what all my mentors carried, so it's what I bought. When you only have one double hander, you use what you got! However I use my single hander a fair bit on the smaller water. Might be a 13...
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    New ways..

    I find that very interesting! I've had excellent bomber days on my home water on water as low as 8 Celsius - admittedly the common wisdom in our part of Canada is that salmon will only take a bomber between 10 and 22 Celsius, but I have seen that rule broken on the low end with dedicated dry fly...
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    New ways..

    For my limited salmon fishing record, I've found a Rat fly (Silver or Rusty) in large sizes of around a 2 standard iron cast straight across tends to get fish very early in the swing. I love a bomber myself - it's how I took my first salmon, but they are finicky on the colours. Light blue seems...
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    Copper Ally's Shrimp

    Very nice pattern - reminiscent of the classic fall patterns we use in New Brunswick - would be worth an October swing for sure.
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    Personal Best to end the season

    Had a bit of a dry streak this year, but my first landed salmon of the year was a great one! Mid day on a sz. 2 Silver Rat! We figured her to be 46 inches long.
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    Do you think it matters what fly

    I'm torn. I know some days you can't keep fish off one pattern - I've seen 3 salmon landed within 20 minutes on a single fly, but then I've seen one size, say a 2, of any pattern hook fish with great regularity no matter the water height. I think the time of day has something to do with it as well!
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    Wow factor!

    For my part, I picked up an NRX 15' 10'11 in time for the fall season, and with a Fortuna X3 and and a 42g head, it's an absolutely unparalleled piece of salmon fishing equipment. Light in the hand, all the power you could ask for at the slightest push, and enough steam to bring any fish to heel...
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    Shrimp assault

    Love 'em. That top pattern looks absolutely deadly!
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    Hardy Fortuna XDS

    I have the old version, the Fortuna X, and they're fantastic peices of kit - for a 13' 6 I would go with the 8000. The 10000 would probably take 450-500 yards of backing to fill properly with an 8/9 line.
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    Do you eat the fish you catch?

    I'm writing as a Canadian so I don't have any real idea, but I've heard that there's a fishery for them (Zander or Pike-Perch are the terms for them there, I think?) in the Severn.
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    Do you eat the fish you catch?

    Depends on the fish! Salmon are C&R only on the rivers I fish, so I can only keep striped bass and trout, which I do, but I'll also keep the 1-2lb walleye or any lake trout and yellow perch I catch on a spinning rig. Only thing that goes back in the rivers and lakes I conventionally fish is...