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  1. belfast boy

    Wilkinson Shrimp

    Hi Folks, Every salmon angler should have a silver Wilkinson Shrimp in their fly box. Great fly for both fresh and resident salmon
  2. belfast boy

    Black & Rainbow Nymph

    Hi Folks, Been messing around at the vice last night and come up with a wee nymph pattern that may work for the Dollaghan and brown trout. You could tie these patterns in many different colour combinations to suit the rivers you fish. Kind Regards, Scott
  3. belfast boy

    Ken's Golden Olive

    Hi Folks, I am a great believer that every fly tyer should have loads of reference books in their armoury to help them understand and better develop as tyers in addition enjoying sitting at the vice producing a wonderful fly to allow your creativity to develop. Here is a wee variant on a fly...
  4. belfast boy

    Glow Bright Spey

    Hi Folks, A wee tying video of the Glow Butt Spey. This pattern comes from the vice of Ismo Saastamoinen and has been really effective on rivers throughout Scotland, Norway etc.. no reason why it could not work in the UK or Irish rivers.
  5. belfast boy

    Money raised for the Northern Ireland Hospice

    Afternoon Everyone, During the pandemic I decided to sell my trout & salmon flies that I have tied for my you tube channel to help raise some funds for the Northern Ireland Hospice. This would not have been possible without the great support I received from George Freel & tight lines tackle...
  6. belfast boy

    Golden Telephone Fly

    Hi Folks, At the vice tonight tying some Irish Lough Flies for my charity fly box give away that i am putting together. The Golden Telephone fly is a great addition to any fly fishers fly box. #trout #angling #flytying #flyfishing
  7. belfast boy

    A few flies trout flies

    Hi Folks, I have been putting a few flies together for a friend this evening and thought I would share. Kind Regards, Scott
  8. belfast boy

    Brolly's Gold Shrimp

    Hi Folks, Got a request this evening to tie the Brolly's Gold Shrimp. So here you go enjoy!!! Kind Regards, Scott
  9. belfast boy

    Flies and Fly box raffle

    Hi Folks, I have been doing some thinking, as part of the fly-tying tutorials for my you tube channel, I have a vast number of flies that I will never get the chance to fish in my lifetime. So, starting from October I plan on running a raffle every month for a box of salmon or trout flies. The...
  10. belfast boy

    Donegal Blue Trout Fly

    Hi Folks, A wee modern twist on an very old traditional Irish trout fly the Donegal Blue. Tying video available via my you tube channel tomorrow.
  11. belfast boy

    Queen's Killer

    Hi Folks, A wee fly from this month's Trout & Salmon. The Queen's Killer was created by Mr David Fernie Ghillie on Deeside I think this might just work for the Dollaghan!!!
  12. belfast boy

    Wee Nymph

    Lounge has been taken over by the good lady tonight so decided to tie up a few Nymphs, this wee boy will also work for the Dollaghan under the indicator. The tying will be available via my you tube channel tomorrow Many Thanks, Scott
  13. belfast boy

    Neptune- Hair Wing

    The Neptune was created by Yvon Gendon of Quebec in 1982. I was recently asked to tie this fly via my you tube channel and it looks a smashing pattern
  14. belfast boy

    Raymond Bumble Muddler

    Hi Folks, Still on the muddler's LOL. Below is a variant of the Raymond Bumble Muddler
  15. belfast boy

    Hutch's Pennell (Muddler)

    Hi Folks, A wee Hutch's Pennell tied with a muddler head.
  16. belfast boy

    Muddler Pattern

    Hi Folks, I Bleached and dyed some dyed some deer hair a few weeks back so decided to tie a few muddler patterns this afternoon. Turned out okay Kind Regards, Scott
  17. belfast boy

    Silver Shrimp

    Hi Folks, Another Irish Shrimp pattern that has stood the test of time.
  18. belfast boy

    Curry's Red Shrimp

    Hi Folks, I hope everyone is keeping well and getting plenty of fishing done. Tied a few Curry's Red Shrimp tonight i love tying the Irish Shrimp flies with veiling's Kind Regards, Scott
  19. belfast boy

    Tying a Dollaghan Fly

    Hi Folks, Messing around with some materials this evening in relation to tying some flies that may work for the Dollaghan.
  20. belfast boy

    Tying The Iain Bain Special

    Hi Folks, I was recently asked via social media to tie the Iain Bain Special. I have just this evening been watching some of the fishing content on Iain channel which is great. Kind Regards, Scott