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  1. Craigk670

    Ok here my PayPal

    Ok here my PayPal
  2. Craigk670

    dyeing materials black

    Graham Anthony is the right man for the dye
  3. Craigk670

    Flying c bullets

    He must have made a loss making them the component parts are expensive
  4. Craigk670

    Dusky red

    Ask Andrew mcgall. Aka easky on here it’s his creation
  5. Craigk670

    Flying c bullets

    How much were those beauties
  6. Craigk670

    Flying c bullets

  7. Craigk670

    Faughan Flame

    I,ll pass
  8. Craigk670

    Wanted - daiwa whisker spinning rod “98” version

    Is the the purple and red band whipping the original
  9. Craigk670

    River Garnock Help Please

    kilwinning tickets can be bought at splash sports in Saltcoats. ,why don’t you join Kilwinning angling club facebook page
  10. Craigk670

    15ft fast action salmon rod

    Check up above theirs a sage meets your needs
  11. Craigk670

    Size 10 silver patriot doubles

    £27.50 delivere
  12. Craigk670

    Size 10 silver patriot doubles

    Nearly time to head back to work I have 50 size 10 silver patriot double I won’t use. Pm if interested
  13. Craigk670

    Sage TCX 7119

    Wan of sages best rods ever
  14. Craigk670

    Box of flyin c

    Sorry they were sold yesterday
  15. Craigk670

    Only got 12grm red n silver left

    Only got 12grm red n silver left
  16. Craigk670

    cape id

    Aint a metz
  17. Craigk670

    Part used jc

    Looking for £45
  18. Craigk670

    Part used jc

    Part used jc for sale mostly suited for tubes some splits bought from ron at bransford