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    Stocks reservoir

    Just thought I'd mention stocks up at slaidburn Lancashire opens this Saturday. Anyone that's fished it will know what a great place it is to fish, cracking fish and wild scenery They have a website for directions etc. Fly Fishing Reports
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    Taken today

    Got this morning, I'm pleased with new camera, Panasonic DMC FZ72. Terrific zoom on it. I was over a hundred yds from the owl.
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    Magnifying light

    Craft Light and Magnifier from October 4, 2015 at ALDI. £24.99.
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    Arnies back

    Went to see the latest terminator film last night, terminator genesis, Really enjoyed it, one of the best. Special effects and sound track were brilliant, lots of action as you'd expect. Even a bit of comedy at times. We saw it at the cinema at longridge nr us, it's a good old fashioned cinema...
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    Hearing aids

    After a long working life were I was exposed to a lot of noise at work etc. ie twenty five years with jack hammers etc when I worked for the water board. I developed noise induced hearing loss. I didn't really notice my self , but my wife kept telling me I had the tele on to loud, and my music...
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    A lie in at last.

    Well I finally retired a month ago, Now I've always been used to getting up early, Last job I was up at 5 am every day I didn't start till six thirty but I hate rushing first thing in a morning. Now I don't wake up till eight or eight thirty,It's great to have a lie in, And I don't fall asleep...