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  1. playhappy

    Ribble 2020

    Its never easy, but its always entertaining.
  2. playhappy

    Beat Names & how we get them

    Hi – I’m interested in beat names and how they are given their names Some are named after land marks, or the geography of the river. On the ribble we have some crackers Fiddlers hole (unknown) Baby elephant (Unknown) Dangerous corner (overhead powerlines) Sparks pit (overhead powerlines) Blue...
  3. playhappy

    Bandit Country

    So - where on your various rivers would you think twice before fishing or has a reputation that precedes it. The places that no club wants to police. I'm asking as a form of research - for a chapter for my next book. I know all about my local river the Ribble but want to be able to compare it...
  4. playhappy

    Ribble 2016

    Lets hope we get just the right amount of rain Goldilocks - "Ahhh, this porridge is just right," she said happily and she ate it all up. Playhappy, Boo
  5. playhappy

    Antigua - Fire in Babylon

    In a bizarre twist of fate I will be in Antigua watching the first test in April - I shouldn't be there - I couldn't afford it in a million years but somehow I will be there for free. Strange news when you are halfway around Lidel on a Saturday afternoon. So if the cricket is over early there...
  6. playhappy

    Ribble 2015

    Lets hope we get some clement weather.....
  7. playhappy

    River Ribble 2014

    Lets hope we get some rain...... Playhappy
  8. playhappy

    Any Festival Goers

    Great small festival in the Ribble Valley, a brilliant event that has quietly swelled to a massive 500 people, Kids under 16 go free, activities, and most of all stunning music in a beautiful location. For all the info go to - Cloudspotting 2013 Playhappy
  9. playhappy

    An open letter to The Duke of Alten

    An open letter to The Duke of Alta Since I have drifted gently into my mid-forties my tastes have gradually changed. It used to be a simple case of letting the dog see the rabbit & let the dog run. Since becoming a resolutely married family man, my top shelf material has become just as exotic...