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    Which wading boots?

    Simms freestones fitted with tungsten studs.
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    salmon , sea trout or hybrid

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    Trondheim area 2021

    Yep... Week 28, from 11th July. Had a great week two years ago a couple of weeks earlier..
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    Trondheim area 2021

    Lets be honest, 95% of us going Salmon fishing abroad will have had both inoculations in plenty of time! We are not exactly a youthful demographic :rolleyes:. I'm due 2nd week in July on the Gaula, and still keeping my fingers crossed ( second dose in 3 weeks).
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    Long Johns - Jeans or something else

    Stockings, suspenders and a tiny thong - I thought we all did. Is it just me?
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    Trondheim area 2021

    For those that can't read the above click here:
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    Kola 2021?

    Norway, Gaula in July???????
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    Trondheim Area 2020

    If anyone hears about Norway allowing visitors ( especially with only one jab) please post as soon as you hear any news or gossip. I still have a week on the Gaula booked (2nd week July) and have not rolled it over yet. But due to work I'll probably have to make a decision yes or no in the...
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    Six Nations Rugby 2021

    And of course there is this....
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    Six Nations Rugby 2021

    Stop it with the - ruined the game and we got lucky bit. You all seem to have ignored the fact that prior to Both tries, Wales had a penalty advantage so we would have still almost certainly had 6 points ( if not the 14 ). That would have given Wales an 8 point margin at the end - more than a...
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    Making a copy of a Bogdan reel

    I thought I was doing well stripping down to parts my ABU 7000C's and putting them back together clean and working. Not wasting your lockdown time are you! Very impressive.
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    best 9/10 size reel in your opinions under £400

    You can not beat Danielsson reels, they are technically in the Abel/Tibor bracket but at a sensible price. As I wrote only this morning elsewhere - I have more than a few - but possibly not enough...
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    Six Nations Rugby 2021

    In my opinion it was a clear red for the reasons Handel mentions above. There is no such thing as "clearing out" in the Laws, it is the cause of a lot of head injuries, and knee injuries and should be stamped out ( poor phrase use). Players charging in at the side, hitting prone players ar...
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    Lakselv , 2020, And No fishing for Foreign Anglers, and No Refund

    I had my booking, for which I had paid 50% deposit for, on the Gaula ( Winsnes) moved to next year. I have taken a voucher for my KLM flights. Dissapointing, but still I'm looking forward to 2021. :-)
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    Interesting Paper and Catch and release.

    Some very interesting stuff in this document. Much that we knew or suspect, but obviously how things are heading with the EA. Extracted Parts from the Preface Catch...
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    Trondheim Area 2020

    Crickey, they aren't playing around are they. Not to worry I'll be there next year - I hope.
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    New Welsh By Laws - C&R for all Salmon, slot size for Sewin from 2020

    Written Statement: Outcome of the Local Inquiry on Natural Resources Wales’ proposed ‘All Wales Salmon and Sea Trout Byelaws’...
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    Intruders for Atlantic Salmon

    Does anyone use Pacific West Coast type large intruders ( tube & single hook) for Atlantic Salmon? They are smaller than a rapala and not too bulky to cast. I have a bunch left over from a trip to the Skeena and was wondering if I might give them a swim in the Gaula this Mid June - assuming...
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    Skeena and tribs, second week of Sept. What Have I forgotten?

    Well I''m off to the Skeena in the second week of Sept. I have rods and Skagit lines, I've tied some of odd looking chickens on tubes. What little bits and pieces may I forget to take? How cold and wet may it be? Is there anything special I should take ( other than a bottle of Lagavulin 16...
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    Travel Insurance for a Fishing trip?

    Any ideas? I'm off to BC in September, but all the travel insurance I look at, even ones "for fishermen", have a single item in baggage claim of around £300, My fishing kit in checked baggage, 3 rods etc ( reels in hand luggage ) comes to about ten times that. Anyone got an good advice or...