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    Vision Sisu

    Anyone got one of these 13' 8 or 14' 9, views thoughts etc appreciated.
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    Versitips & Versileaders

    Morning all. I have the Rio SVT 9# with the 15' tips, is there any point in getting the other faster sinking tips, from what I have seen the Versileaders don't seem to match or exceed the sink rates of the tips, or is it a case of a heavy short leader with the faster sinking tips? Any...
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    Loop Tube Fly Boxes

    Morning All. Does anyone have one of the new Loop tube fly boxes and are they any good or alternative suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sharpes Spey Wading Staff

    Good Afternoon everyone, I have the Sharpe's Spey wading staff and I was wondering what if any retractors people use with this staff given it's weight.
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    Salmon Flies

    Could anyone please suggest some salmon flies for the Border Esk, September time.
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    Wading Jacket Advice

    Looking to buy a new jacket and would welcome some advice. I am considering the Loop Torne Loop Lainio Vision Tool Schoffel Salar, has anyone tried this out? Fish 25 days a year or so. I have been put of Simms due to the number of negative comments but was offered G3 tactical for £399.
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    Spinning Rod Advice

    Hoping for some help, can anyone suggest a spinning rod for use with an Abu multiplier please.
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    Switch Rod Advice

    Would appreciate some advice please. Looking at buying a switch rod and am looking at the Loop NXT 11' - 7, Vision tool 11' 6 - 7, Vision Onki -7 ,Mackenzie G2 7/8 or Sage pulse - 7. Due to location I cannot get anywhere to try these rods out so relying on members experience. I was told the...