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  1. Mayfly20

    Maxcatch Spey rod

    12’ 6” V Spey, 6piece, 7wt rod arrived today (10/05/21) after a long wait, compared to some who have reported here. I can confirm that the presentation and finish of the rod is excellent. Unbelievable value for money. Can’t wait to try it on the Dee in June! Additional free gifts included -...
  2. Mayfly20

    Maxcatch Spey rod

    Ordered my 12’6” 7wt 6 piece V Spey on 16th April ... still waiting!
  3. Mayfly20

    Fly Pattern wanted ... The Julie

    Heading off to fish the Farrar next September and suggestions have been made that the ‘Julie’ would be a good choice of fly at that time of year? Any members have a pattern for this fly please, and/or sugggestions for other flies to use?