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  1. Darra O'Connell

    Guideline Vosso 7/9

    Hi all, Have a brand new guideline vosso silver reel 7/9 would like to swap for a loop runner or would consider selling it.
  2. Darra O'Connell

    Loop Speed Runner

    Hi All, Like to swap a mint Loop Speedrunner Reel colour Blue, for a Loop Runner Reel. Would also consider selling it. Darra
  3. Darra O'Connell

    Loop Megaloop Reel (Brand New)

    Hi All, Have a brand new Megaloop Opti Reel for sale Black Version. £400 Delivered Ireland and the UK
  4. Darra O'Connell

    Loop Blueline 13' 2" 9line mint

    Hi All, Have a mint Loop Blueline 13' 2" 9line for sale very powerful Rod. £120 delivered Ireland and the UK.
  5. Darra O'Connell

    Guideline LPXE 12' 6" 8/9 & Fly Reel

    Hi All, Have a mint Guideline LPXE 12' 6" 8/9 & a Tiernan Brothers Fly Reel 8/9 to match this Rod. £200 Delivered Ireland and the UK
  6. Darra O'Connell

    Sage Igniter 13' 6" 8weight

    Swap for a Loop 7x 12' 6" 8weight and money you're way or a Loop NXT 12' 4" 7weight
  7. Darra O'Connell

    Loop Multi 9/12 Fly Reel (SOLD)

    Hi All, have a mint Loop Multi, couple of tiny scratches on the rim touched them up with a Sharpe marker, have the pouch also. £90 delivered. (SOLD)
  8. Darra O'Connell

    Sage One 14' 9weight mint (SOLD)

    Hi All, Have a Sage One 14' 9" 9weight in mint condition. £425 delivered. (SOLD)
  9. Darra O'Connell

    Sage TCX 15' 10weight (SOLD)

    Still on the clear out have an excellent condition Sage TCX complete with sock and metal tube. A really powerful rod £300 delivered (SOLD)
  10. Darra O'Connell

    Vision Tank 10/12 Silver SOLD)

    Vision Tank used on 2 occasions so as new £165 delivered. (SOLD)
  11. Darra O'Connell

    Rio Scandi Versitip (SOLD)

    Hi all, Have the following for sale: Set of 4 multi tips 15ft never used Scandi head #9 23ft Scandi head #10 24ft CND shooting head Dispenser All above are as new heads have been test casted. This cost over £250 when I bought it. £120 delivered would prefer to sell it as one lot.SOLD
  12. Darra O'Connell


    Hi All, Have a brand new Rio Connect Core Running Line 0.37 £40 delivered (SOLD)
  13. Darra O'Connell

    Scierra Traxion 1 9/11 wide with Rio Lines (SOLD)

    Hi All, Have a mint Scierra Traxion 1 9/11 wide with a Rio Powerflex Max Shooting Line 0.35f and a Rio Scandi 580gr/37.5gram 39ft 9/10wt both running line and Scandi head are in mint condition, bought before the lockdown. £105 delivered SOLD
  14. Darra O'Connell

    Rio Scandi Heads

    Have 2 more heads for sale just test casted, Want to sell both together. 1. the 650gr is 42.2grams 39ft head (SOLD) 2, the 640gr is 41.5grams 40ft head £35 delivered
  15. Darra O'Connell


    Hi All, Have a brand new Speedrunner for sale I bought it for a rod that I have since sold on. The box is worn from being stored but the reel and contents are absolutely new. £360 delivered
  16. Darra O'Connell

    Loop Green Line 14 #9

    Have this rod for sale: Loop Green Line 14' 9weight its in excellent condition, really powerful Rod. The cordoba case is not the original but it's a loop case exactly the same length and weight.from a loop Opti. £170 delivered (PRICE DROP £130)
  17. Darra O'Connell

    RIO Lines

    Hi Lads, have a few lines up for sale This is the last of them: RIO Scandi 640gr/41.5gm 40ft head Brand New SOLD RIO Scandi Versitip no.7 445gr/28.8gm Brand New SOLD RIO Scandi Scandi Body no.8 Test Cast (sorry no box, but will be spooled and boxed with different spool/box) SOLD RIO Scandi...
  18. Darra O'Connell

    Shooting Heads for Sale

    Hi All, Have 5 shooting heads for sale they are brand new. £120 for the lot including delivery.
  19. Darra O'Connell

    C&F Design Shooting Head Dispensers.

    Hi all, Have 5 x C&F Design Shooting Head Dispensers brand new. These retail for £35 each The most useful device for storing shooting heads. 2 for £40 3 for £50 5 for £80 Including delivery to Ireland or UK
  20. Darra O'Connell

    Costa Del Mar Fantail Race 580P

    Hi All, Have a brand new pair of Costa Del Mar Fantail Race 580P Glasses for sale. £110 delivered Ireland and UK Darra