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    Maxcatch Travel Spey - line recommendation

    Well my rod arrived today - I ordered the V Spey 14ft 6p #9-10 and the "travel spey" has been delivered which appears to be the same rod. I am not too keen on the cosmetics but cannot complain for £50ish delivered and it arrived in 9 days - I have had tackle from the UK take longer. I am a...
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    Bright / neon flies

    too bright? Just not the done thing or effective in certain situations?
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    The hundred

    Thoughts? My view is a completely pointless version of the game. Garish graphics, DJs, 20 balls different to 20-20 and a poor attempt by probably late middle aged people to get people who wouldn’t normally watch cricket to watch cricket and they probably won’t watch this format either.
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    A long shot for Cornish accomodation

    My wife is now spitting feathers as we have been going to the same accommodation for 5 years now in Cornwall and had booked for Whitsun next year after not being able to go this year with Covid and everyone being in the UK who belongs in Benidorm - she has just received an email from the owner...
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    Poly leaders for switch rod

    For a 7/8 switch rod - airflo trout polyleaders? They are rated to #9wt lines according to the packs. Or would you go heavier and more towards salmon poly leaders? Thanks C
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    Shakespeare Oracle EXP Switch setup

    7/8 11ft switch plus the matching Shakespeare switch line - edit to add this the 6 piece version. hardly used, not suitable to where I fish now having relocated. Rod in perfect condition, a couple of marks on the line perhaps. With original sectioned hard rod tube. Goture CNC machined reel...
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    Greedy but perfectly formed

    Not being blessed with trout streams in the East Midlands today I officially confirmed warmer weather has arrived by driving over to the Derbyshire Derwent. I’ve had some really nice sized brownies from this stretch, not today though, it was a little too high to be able to Wade where I wanted to...
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    Stalking in the Highlands

    Afternoon chaps, I am off to the highlands in August and while I am there would like to experience some Scottish stalking - very different to flat stalking of fallow on arable land which is where most of my venison comes from. I don't want to spend a fortune on trophy stags etc but would like...
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    When your 5 year old daughter designs a fly....

    No idea whether it’ll work as I’m not experienced enough with Salmon but it looks pretty for a summer fly. Need to neaten up the tying of the next one but it’s hard when she “helps”. I may try it on some reservoir rainbows first.
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    Novice salmon angler (only slightly less novice fly tyer)

    Morning all, I am hoping to at least have an opportunity for my first Atlantic salmon on the fly this year - either the South Tyne or possibly up in western Scotland. I have caught plenty of pacific salmon in Canada but that is so easy I am not counting it. I have some bought flies but I much...
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    I know it’s possibly a silly question...feel free to take the Micky

    So earlier today I took the plunge after umming and ahhing about trying a switch rod - pulled the trigger on an Oracle switch as on offer for just over £50 delivered and have read plenty of good things about them. I know there are loads and loads of questions about which line to pair them with...
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    my first go at Salmon fishing

    Well chaps I have now at least attempted to catch a Salmon...fished in Wales this weekend for sea trout friday night then had a couple of hours fishing prawn for salmon Saturday afternoon before changing to worm and having 5 sewin (4 returned to grow bigger and one was the wife's dinner last...
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    Very Open Question...

    Apologies for the very open ended question chaps, but being a complete novice when it comes to Atlantic Salmon I am not sure where to start... I am looking to catch my first Atlatic Salmon, I know I am now trying at the wrong time of year (but I like a challenge). Am I being realistic in...
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    Greetings from a new member

    Good Evening chaps, I have been recommended this forum by a friend as I was asking his advice on fishing the Severn for Salmon at this time of year. I have never caught a Salmon in the UK but have caught plenty of Pacific Salmon in British Columbia – if I am honest, that is not really proper...