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    Lost your Belly Button or the proper proportions for a dry fly?

    One of the more interesting articles I've run across in ages:
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    Capital One Credit card .. they DO pay attention.

    I've had this same card from someplace in the mid-1980's so their computer knows my 'spending habits.' Something falls out of the norm and their 'fraud department' is on it "like stink on shxt." As noted above I've had the (Professional Account) for the past 25'ish years and do an 'auto pay'...
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    Speypages web site ... how to's?

    Have to admit many of the AS fly's are dead on for Winter run Steelhead close to 'salt.' May I ask that many of you join this board (and it BIG) and post these 'how to's?' Great flies/ties and many have worked very well for me; share the wealth? Fred Evans
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    How do you know it's 'too hot outside?'

    1211 local time and I've been working in the veggie garden (watering, etc.) for the past couple of hours and I'm soaked right down to my 'underwear' with sweat. Enough's enough says 'Self.' Back to house and looked at one of my out door therms .... 106.8 degrees. Walked into house, looked an...
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    Waders? Why? I know, I know a rather odd question.

    Lots of photos of fellows garbed up in waders; save for it's really cold, obviously not in the spring/fall/summer/bright weather, most/many of us just 'wet wade' or use 'knee high' boots on the river. 'We' don't (usually) wade above our knees in a Steelhead river; is 'deep wading' a typical...
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    World Vision Charity ... too bad.

    Group gets a 5 star rating ... until now.!OpenDocument Apparently some of their employee's have their hand(s) in the till. Bummer.:mad:
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    One for the 'kid in all of us.'

    YouTube - petstar_einstein :D
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    This you just have to read to believe!!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
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    Have to 'love it' when it all goes wrong.

    I've cleaned this up, as the sender had an Internet "Oh Sh ....!":D Dear Fred, Many apologies, you were sent the previous email from in error. Your normal forum account has not been affected. Sorry for the incorrect notification. We are opening the websites and xxxx soon as partners to xxx...
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    Looking for a 'old' wood or brass 'spey rod' size reel.

    Associate of mine has gotten his hands on a 'old' Greenheart Spey (2-hander) rod and is looking to match it up with an appropriate size 'antique' reel. No intent to fish, just a 'show and tell' for his 'family room' at home. Any suggestions on where I can direct Jerry? Fred
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    A new very good read from our side of the Pond.

    Lani Waller, one of the Sr. Fly-fisher's here in the PNW, has a new book on Steelhead fishing with the fly rod. Called "A Steelheaders Way: Principles, Tactics and Techniques." TOTAL EYE CANDY, and a great read. If you have the opportunity to get your hands on this, 'go for it!' Worth every...
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    Active volcano?

    Blurb on our local news a moment ago that a volcano located close to Anchorage, Alaska has gone active. This could get interesting ....:eek:,2933,483487,00.html
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    With GREAT THANKS to the two Davids.

    Wonderful 'goodies' awaiting me when I got back to Ashland from an extended winter steelhead trip over on the Chetco River. A dozen REALLY cool flies from one, and a packet of the most unusual tools for making 'snake flies' I've ever seen. (Need to print out a step by step on how to tie these...
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    Diary of a Snow Shoveler

    December 8: 6:00 PM It started to snow. The first snow of the season and the wife an I took our hot chocolate and sat for hours by the window watching the huge soft flakes drift down from heaven. It looked like a Grandma Moses print. So romantic we felt like newlyweds again. I love snow...
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    Merry Christ's Mass to you all (and kiddies too!) fae
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    Holy Heck Andy (WC)!!

    Again THANK YOU for the JC cape ... I had NO IDEA what the darned things cost!!!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: Buddie, you need anything from my side of the Pond, you're bets covered. Fred
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    Bummer Sloggi, bummer .....

    The last of the flies you sent me for steelhead fishing are now gone; really can't complain as the last one was lost in the jaw of a very large fall King Salmon.:eek:
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    "Flyfishingforum" web site?

    Is their board down, or is it just me ...... on my side of the Pond?
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    Horse Feathers!

    "My Last Post Ever." Didn't know the thread was locked, so my 'original post' is off in cyber-space. I'm from the 'other side of the Pond,' born-breed-educated (for the most part in Canada). Been 'farther south' for many years and, to be point blank, I don't recall any of your posts that even...
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    California's burning ...

    I knew there were a lot of REALLY BIG wild fires going on south of me, one just the other side of the Siskiyou Mountains (46,000 acres already burned). But just got a sense of scale of what's going on: 1,100 individual fires, most being allowed to burn themselves out. Not enough equipment/men to...