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  1. rodbender

    The best rod range ever made.....

    I have owned many rods and went back to an Oracle skagit 12'9" 9# brilliant with a Rio Scandi SSVT ! the best trout rod I have owned is a Jensen spook seatrout 9' 7# as good if not better than the XP I.M.HO.
  2. rodbender

    Slow action rod

    Would this apply to single handers also? sounds great advice.
  3. rodbender

    Airflo 40+ extreme-wf8f floating *SOLD*

    In good condition no nicks or splits £22 posted
  4. rodbender

    Ben Lomond

    Brilliant pictures
  5. rodbender

    Hardy Hydra 4 3/8"

    Hardy Hydra 4 3/8" vintage fly reel with backing, the brass foot has been shortened to fit modern reel seats. Swap for 7/8 trout reel
  6. rodbender

    Hardy Hydra 4 3/8 vintage salmon fly reel

    A good solid old Hardy Hydra with backing, the foot has been shortened to fit modern rods £55 posted
  7. rodbender

    Gaelforce EIHH integrated hover 42 grams SOLD

    Gaelforce integrated hover head 40 ft 42 grams 11# in great condition £45 posted
  8. rodbender

    Maxcatch Spey rod

    Hi I have the 14 v-Spey it is certainly a good bit heavier than a Marksman mine weighs 9.5 ozs what makes it feel heavy is the light up locking real seat and the short handle 21 inches
  9. rodbender

    Hame fur a L T T.

    I didn`t know what an L T T was till I searched Google :D
  10. rodbender

    Hame fur a L T T.

  11. rodbender

    Maxcatch Spey rod

    Got mine from Amazon with next day delivery but a bit dearer than from China but no waiting?
  12. rodbender

    Maxcatch Spey rod

    I have had the 14 V-Spey for a few weeks now and gave it some "serious wellie" coupled with a Gaelforce multi-tip it`s as good as any rod i`ve tried! and better than a lot of them, could do with a down locking reel seat, for the money you can`t go wrong
  13. rodbender

    River Clyde 2021

    That was fun trying to cast the 18 footer with the 100 foot head :unsure: :confused:
  14. rodbender

    River Clyde 2021

    Wish somebody would catch a fish soon and we can get to fishing topics (y)
  15. rodbender

    River Clyde 2021

    I am sure it will pass! I gave it a good bend when I was stretching my running line round the "Mauldslie rod rack" :D
  16. rodbender

    River Clyde 2021

    The super duper rods lets us see what can be made for a fraction of the top brand names! a bit heavier and could do with a down locking reel seat but they can fairly fire a line out (y)
  17. rodbender

    River Clyde 2021

    Must just have missed you! I was down in the afternoon with my new four piece version of the same rod, what a powerhouse of a rod! the Gaelforce multi-tip sails out on it
  18. rodbender

    Broken Oracle scandi 14`9

    Thanks for the offer but I have contacted the shop and they are sorting it out for me (y)
  19. rodbender

    Hermes Scam

    The thing that puzzles me about scams! is how can they not trace these scumbags and prosecute them? the one I like is when they ask you to press 1 to talk to an adviser I press 1 and let them think they have a victim then give them a right foul mouthful.