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    A question for scientists amongst us

    Pike fishing a large pit, the action has been prolific up to the last week, major leaf fall , weed breakup, no real temperature change, but a sudden switch off, is this due to a water condition change, ie ph or other? noticed this on other large stiillwaters over the years, December being the...
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    Lockdown mode

    I am really struggling to get to grips with this, having spent the best part of 40 years, designing and creating both bespoke and single custom made pieces of jewellery, (customer requests and stock pieces) Being basically shut down is becoming an issue (only the 1st week!!!) I have the...
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    A touch of avon class!

    Despite the doom and gloom of recent times, a lovely 20lb class fish from the Avon today, caught on a fly too. Pictures on Avon Diary, well done Danny
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    Our planet

    Check out the latest Sir David Attenborough release, Our Planet available on Netflix, as you would expect, it is amazing, the photography quite staggering, a brilliant watch. peter
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    Some inspiration

    For those of us in need of some inspiration, checkout the fish on the Hampshire Avon thread, a thing of beauty. peter
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    Avon beast

    If you haven,t seen it, check out Mr Greenacre,s latest Avon fish on Avon diary 2018 6th june entry, quite awesome in build, 44inches with a 28inch girth, around the 35lb mark and looks every bit of that. A large chunk of positivity, amongst all the doom and gloom! peter
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    River fowey update

    I thought my rather uninspiring season was over, but I,ve been persuaded to venture down to the Fowey for a late bash the week after next, anyone have any information regarding what , if anything is happening, any fish about? I,am not expecting shed loads , but it would be nice to know if some...
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    Avon off and running!

    For the 2nd season running, the Hants Avon has opened its season with a fine 22lb cockfish , caught by Paul Shuttler from the Royalty, well done that man!!!! Picture on the river thread. peter
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    Happy days!

    Still pinching myself, after last weeks Avon 1st, a repeat today, a 12lb hen fish, taken on my switchrod, I found it far easier than the 14 footer to land the fish, no issues at all. peter
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    Sometimes dreams do come true, today my long quest for a Hants Avon springer was finally realised. Early start, 85miles on the M3, covered several miles of river and at 4.45 this afternoon, thump, good scrap, and in the net, 13lb hen fish, fresh as a daisy, no lice , but a bar of silver, the...
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    Tiny grilse

    Caught a small grilse yesterday, 31/2lb, very fresh, but very thin, empty, concave belly, saw a couple more, both probably 2lb or thereabouts. The usual size on the Test is 5-6lb, is this an indicator of problems or just one of "those things" that nature throws at us??? The empty belly was...
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    Too much like hard work?

    Against my better judgement my wife made me fish yesterday, 24c when I started, 28c when I gave up, covered 3miles of the Test for naff all, half way through my 4th mile, a grilse jumped on my prawn, feisty little chap, tide fresh, single hook out in the net, went back well, maybe 6lb on a good...
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    New gear, new pb!

    I treated myself to a new prawning setup, christened it in style today, a very feisty 18lb cock ,leapt 3 times and ran me a right merry dance for what seemed like ages, but was probably 15/20minutes. Forearm aching, but pleased as punch. About 10 minutes later, hooked a 2nd fish, another decent...
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    Test Result!

    One of those all too rare days today for me, 4 fish landed, 10.5lb, 11lb, 11.5lb, and 14lb, all brand new bars of silver, one lost after a few seconds. Just a great days fishing, walked and fished miles, nice sunny day, shame about the rain that moved in , but that's UK weather for you! The Test...
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    Switch on Test.

    After a lot of effort this season, I finally christened my switch rod with a stunning , chrome bright 14lber from the Test yesterday, its been very slow, very few chances, but persistence paid off. Fish hooked virtually under the rod top, with a 10ft leader and only 3ft of flyline from the rod...
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    Echo 8wt switch rod

    Anyone know if there,s a UK stockist? Fancy a new rod, these seem to tick the right boxes for my sort of rivers (chalkstreams) peter
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    Right place right time at last!

    After what seems like forever, walking miles, fishing hundreds of hours and always just not being in THE spot at the right time, I managed to tick the right box and caught a stunning 12lb hen fish this afternoon, beautiful ,bright silvery/blue, ferocious scrap from a very tight position in very...
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    Avon inspiration!

    Last Sunday, standing on a footbridge on the middle Avon, spotted a chrome-bright springer, laying close to the bank in 3ft of water, after a few minutes it moved across the flow, did a slight roll, brilliant flash of silver and headed on upriver. Not huge, maybe 10/12lb, but heavily built...
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    Clueless EA!!!!!

    Noticed an article in the Angling Times, this week, The Brain boxes at the EA have decided to close the salmon fishing in Hampshire rivers to protect fish due to low water etc, especially the Test and Itchen, to run until january. OK , but the season ended on October 2nd, and doesn,t start again...
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    Looking up!

    After a very lean period , the Test is now showing some good form, my last two days have resulted in hooking ten fish, landing 8, one 6lb grilse, the others all between 10 and 12.5lb, great sport. The chalkstreams are showing a decent number of both 2 and 3 SW fish, far greater than the last few...