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  1. John Keane

    Should rename this thread...

    Should rename this board... ...Replies 0 :lol::lol::lol:
  2. John Keane

    The Photography Thread

    Anyone fancy a go at a photography themed thread? I’ve always had cameras since I was a kid, Box Brownie, Instamatic, Polaroid, Viewfinder, film SLR, Bridge Superzoom and now a Nikon DSLR. I’m particularly interested in bird and wildlife photography and looking at getting a big 200-500mm zoom...
  3. John Keane

    Loop Opti Power Spey 15ft #10/11 5-piece

    Anyone interested at £300 before it goes on eBay tomorrow? If there’s any interest I’ll sort out some photos and flesh out the ad. Used, but in great condition in original bag & cordura pentagonal tube.
  4. John Keane

    Bit of a retro bargain...

    Just got a Hardy Marquis Multiplier #7 fly reel with a spare spool, documents and 2 padded Hardy cases for £67 on eBay. Seller wrongly specified the spare spool as a “spare multiplier unit” (which it most definitely is not) and I think that kept the price down. Other comparable packages are...
  5. John Keane

    Loop Green Line 13’2” #9

    Just acquired one of these from a popular auction site and it’s immaculate. The cork looks pristine although it could have been sanded for the purposes of auction. I’ve had a few chucks with a 15ft and a Gaelforce 10/11 and an 11/12 and was very pleased with the action of the rod. I suppose the...
  6. John Keane

    Greys QRS 9000 Cassette Reel

    Greys QRS900 Cassette Reel Anyone use one and are they any good? There’s some guff about having two different depth spools for different weights of line. Not really concerned about that only if the reel is reliable and problem-free?
  7. John Keane

    Pitchroy 2019

    Counting down to Sunday when we go up for a week. Not too disheartened by the weather as last year the river was +3” all week and I had three, all of them in bright sunshine. As well as the fishing, looking forward to Pie & Chips in the Craig Bar in Grantown, a huge bowl of Cullen Skink in the...
  8. John Keane

    Rio Intouch Mid Spey vs Gaelforce Equaliser 54ft

    As someone who is looking to progress from shooting heads to a “proper” Spey line, I’m thinking of buying either of the aforementioned lines and thought I’d see what others think of them? A mate has the 9/10 and the 11/12 Gaelforce so I can have a go of them on the river. Going on the gram...
  9. John Keane

    Sea fishing, anyone?

    Seems the right place to start a thread on sea fishing since it’s mostly (but not exclusively) non-fly based. Anybody like to get out and do a bit of beach, rock or boat fishing? I’ve done a fair bit of charter boat fishing and am getting back into beach fishing. I used to fly fish for bass...
  10. John Keane

    Few Bass Flies...

    Not fished the fly for bass for a good few years but these are the flies I used to do it with. Heavy on the white, pearl, blue and silver and a definite preference for the surface poppers in the right conditions.
  11. John Keane

    Plastic tubes?

    Someone has given me some plastic tubing which comprises some outer clear rigid tubing, some inner clear rigid tubing and some flexible liner tubing. Is this FITS system and is it designed for conehead flies? There are no cone heads with it and I haven’t made conehead tubes before but I might be...
  12. John Keane

    Hospital - BBC1

    Hospital” on BBC1 a programme that focuses on six hospital trusts in Liverpool and the day to day problems and triumphs of the NHS coping with outdated accommodation, budgetary restraints and the unrelenting pressure of demand for hospital beds. NHS detractors would be advised to catch future...
  13. John Keane

    Grayling fishing 2019

    Out for the first grayling trip of 2019 to a Wirral Game water on the River Dee above Corwen. Lovely day, low sun and reasonable temperatures (until we got down to the river). Reality bit after around 5 minutes in the water and hands got colder and number! Using my Dave Harrell 14ft rod with...
  14. John Keane

    Best gig of my life (so far)

    Went to see Paul McCartney back home in Liverpool at the Echo Arena last night. Didn’t really know what to expect as I suspected that he had gone a bit up his own ar$e in recent years. Couldn’t have been more wrong! The guy, at 76, did 3 hours on stage without a break belting out 40 songs...
  15. John Keane

    Spey 2019

    Due to the misfortune of a very nice gentleman, a place has become available for 3 days on Tulchan D in April with some friends of mine. I lost my place in the party due to serious illness in 2012 that put me out of the game for around 3 seasons and it wasn’t fair to get it back at someone...
  16. John Keane

    First Grayling outing of the Autumn

    I will be doing a bit of trotting for the ladies on the Dee (Wales) next week. As it’s above the Horseshoe Falls maggots aren’t allowed, but I think I might try taking some cooked long grain rice to feed sparingly and fish a couple of artificial maggots on the hook. I will also be taking...
  17. John Keane

    Spammy Cr*p

    Tried to click on the Reply to Thread button, got an advert for some Facebook cr*p, one of those herpes things that won’t go away and makes you close the whole window to get rid of it. I’ve had the same thing when simply scrolling down posts on an iPad. Something needs to be done about it.
  18. John Keane

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Superficially this may only be of interest to supporters of the four English clubs involved but for football lovers in general, it may be of interest. Group Stage draw later today on BT Sport. Don’t really care who Liverpool get as we fear no-one! :lol:
  19. John Keane

    New vice....

    Worn a groove 2mm wide and 2mm deep in the jaws of my cheapo steel and brass spring cam-lever vice so looking for a new one that won’t break the bank. Initial thoughts are Snowbee Fly Mate as it’s a rotary, which greatly aids me with hackling as I’m a lazy beggar and usually tie throat hackles...
  20. John Keane

    Premier League Football Season 2018/19

    Got to be done... Post here for reasoned debate, admiration, plaudits, abuse, etc Liverpool 4 -0 West Ham, and we’re off and running! :cool: