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    The empty seas coming our way ??

    With the miserable weather i have been watching you tube videos of boats fishing at sea. Can not believe that the amount of fish being killed can last. The modern nets and boats i wonder what chance the fish have. Tracking the salmon to get more "research" on them can only lead to them getting...
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    Two seasons ago one of the trout lochs I fish had thousands of sticklebacks forming balls a bit smaller than a foot ball. They were all over the loch and a cast for the trout through them resulted in foul hooking them every cast. Never before or since have I seen this. Has anyone else seen...
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    S.E.P.A. levels.

    Not being P.C. minded I am trying to figure out what chance I would have After the S.E.P.A. water levels sight being out of use since before Christmas Bob.
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    Beavers again.

    Beside one of out top pools the beavers felled at least half an acre of alder and built a dam. Now we are getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. which have only became a problem in the last few years thanks to our new swamp. If you think midges are bad wait until the mozzes find you. Bob.
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    What does the reaction score mean.

    Keep seeing below the number of posts a reaction score. Just wondered what that was. Bob.
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    Ones health.

    Never realised how lazy I have been getting the last few weeks since the fishing ceased. A farmer friend asked me to come and shoot some pigeon that were all over his sprouting barley. First time out since lockdown and what a pleasure it was even just sitting there watching the wildlife. Felt I...
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    Best salmon conservation measure.

    Being like most probly bored out of my small mind. What would salmon fishers say was the best conservation thing that has happened in the not to distant past. To my mind it was stopping the sale of rod caught salmon. I used to take what fish I required and return the rest. Used to get laughed at...
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    Friend or foe.

    Was watching the program about Usan on B.B.C. i player about the end of there netting operation. People here and elsewhere were doing there nut about the fish they were killing. It is a pity that they did not limit themselves when it was low water. What got me thinking about them was that the...
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    Are we all mugs.

    Just reading the paper and I see that M.P.s are to get an allowance of up to £10.000 for working from home. Being a bit [lot going by wife] simple I would have thought this would have saved money likes of traveling costs for a starter. Perhaps it is to make up for there loss of subsidised...
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    Cold smoked salmon.

    Just wondering what weight of smoked salmon you would expect back from a sealiced cock fish 7-8 lbs total weight. I received the package from a well known smokehouse north of Perth. There were 5 ?packets of fish and a small bag of trimmings as usual. The fish in the 5 packs weighed a total of 2...
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    Reading an article in the Herald this morning that the A.S.T. has spent £18.000.000 on research into the fish going to the sea. It seams much to there surprise that about half the fish [parr] have gone missing in river before getting to the estuary. They are carrying out this "research" over 3...
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    Wading studs..

    Been trying find the address of Super Track wading studs. Mr. Google has not been able to help. Thanks. Bob.
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    Worse than midges.

    Have been bitten by mosquitos a lot this summer. Midges are bad enough but these are a lot worse Has anyone got a cure them. I have a cream that stops the midges sting itching but not these. Bob.
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    Just wondered if anyone else had read the article in todays Herald about the infamous Dr. Jaffa and his views on the shortage of sea trout. Blames a lot of it on the ending of the 3 mile non fishing round the U.K.. Also mentions that salmon farms may have had problems with the sea lice. Seams to...
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    Smolt taging.

    Noticed in todays Herald that the people in charge of keeping an eye on the stocks of parr/smolts are asking people to pay £100 to have a smolt named after them and kept informed of its progress. Just wondering if you get a refund when it is a goosanders nibble. Bob.
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    Legal aid.

    How is it that I have worked all my working life and paid all the taxes that I had to and yet can not get a penny in legal aid or even think of getting a Q.C. to defend me should the time arise. Others that have never helped the country or in some cases been out to destroy same can get what they...
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    Seals again.

    Watching Landward yesterday they were going on about the number of seals on the river Yathan. The estury had thousands of seals and they were going on about how great it was to have so many. Forget about asking to shoot them. Only destroying our case at present. Bob. [P.S. the spelling of the...
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    Knife crime.

    Watching the news last night another stabbing. Way back in the 50s a certain Lord Carmont [?] put a stop to the Glasgow razor gangs. 10 YEARS for carrying a razor with no exceptions. Do the same with knifes. People would complain about needing a knife for there work but if you use a knife for...
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    Moth balls.

    Am looking for moth balls tying den. Local fishing shop used to stock them but no longer adverbial. Thanks. Bob.
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    New Year resolutions.

    The only one I am going to make is that I live long enough to see the last of John Norris sales. Bob.