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    Worming cork floats for Salmon?

    Where can I get some please?
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    Polyleader to trace knot 🪢

    Hi I’ve been puzzled into what way in knot form joins the two together best? Currently tying a loop on either end and joining them in the same way as running line to head? It just doesn’t seem right? Ideas welcome 👍🎣
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    What’s the going rate for fly casting tuition?

    I need help Spey casting and wonder what’s the going rate?
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    Backing amount and type help?

    What do people use for Hardy Zane No3 please??
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    New rod and reel 😂

    Hardy all the way 👍🎣
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    Salmon fly reel box

    Has anybody made one? Thinking of fabricating one from wood or aluminium and need some ideas.
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    When can we go fishing?

    Anybody have an idea when we can go to different locations?
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    Fishing tackle box

    Ideas please?
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    Marking poly leaders what do people use??

    Happy new year all 🥳 just wondering what ideas people have for marking poly leaders up for ease of selection on a cold wet river bank when say 7 are in your wallet and you need to act fast? 🎣 tight lines for 2021 👍🏻
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    A good spinning reel fs under £60??

    Anybody a good suggestion?
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    Pure fishing reel service

    What’s it like is it any good? Anyone advise not to do it? I just worry that someone else has my reel in there hands and they might damage it etc.
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    How to fly fish deep pools?

    How can you fish for salmon on the fly in 20-30’ deep pools?
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    Skagit tip set

    Anyone have a good suggestion for one? Currently have the Rio set of three and they are past there best so need a new set. Is it better to buy individual ones?
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    Mortima and Whitehouse at it again :)

    Great viewing
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    Can anyone tie me a half a dozen flies please? Everyone out of stock.

    Please inbox me if you can? Thanks
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    Welly slap.

    Anyone know how I can stop this at the top of my wellies as I walk it’s so annoying only have spindly legs ha ha ;)
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    9/10 shooting head line (floating)

    Anybody got one they might part with? Currently have a 44g and it’s too heavy.
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    Dealing with public on the river

    Just wondering if anyone has had dealings with people jumping in your swim from boats and swimming in the river and sending dogs in to swim right where your fishing ???? What can you say or do to deal with them?
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    Line weight question

    Hi there is a 640grain scandi kit from Rio too heavy for a 14’ lohric 9/10 mid to tip action rod?
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    Log cabin for holiday/fishing hut

    Anybody got one? who did you get one from and do you need planning permission etc? Any help would be much appreciated.