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  1. christian roulleau


    Hello everyone, If that ****ing covid allows it, go fishing for a week at Woodend on the Dee in early September! I don't know the river at all, and arriving by plane so limited in luggage that must be taken, I have the choice between 13'4, 13'8, 15'2. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows this...
  2. christian roulleau

    Powerspey MultiTip

    Hello everyone, Definitely the covid allows you to tidy up! I just found multi lines (powerspey) but impossible to get my hands on the tips. for a 9/10 I do not remember which tip to buy 9 or 10 in 15 '. It seems to me that it is the 10th but not too certain !!!
  3. christian roulleau


    Hello everyone, That's it, I'm vaccinated with AstraZeneca! Do you think Nicola will let me in at Aberdeen airport early September :ROFLMAO:
  4. christian roulleau

    GLX Roaringriver Greased line

    Hello everyone, Being deprived of travel this spring; I made myself a little gift; a Loomis GLX roaringriver greased line 15 '# 9/10 (used) Do you have any experience with this rod, I intend to use it with a mid belly line. Thanks for your help .
  5. christian roulleau

    Scotland 2021

    Hello everyone, With very little information on what's going on in Scotland, how do you see the season ahead? I postponed my 2020 trip for this year, and should be in May and June on the Spey, in your opinion what are the prospects, are there any improvements, is the trend optimistic? Two years...
  6. christian roulleau


    2D multi tip 9/10
  7. christian roulleau


    A subject quite controversial concerning the luminosity and its influence on the activity of fish; in general that they are your favorite times for fishing ?
  8. christian roulleau

    16' rod

    Hi guys, Not having to fish this season, for the reasons we know of! I want to compensate by giving myself a small gift. I am thinking of a 16 ', generally fishing for 2 months in spey mainly on Grantown and sometimes Gordon Castle or Tulcan. I recognize that with a 15 'I do the job perfectly...
  9. christian roulleau


    Hello everyone, I would be if the corona allows it !!! at the Maryculter hotel mid-late September. Are there any beats nearby that are worth it, I watched the Fishpal descriptions; but I prefer your opinion! thanks in advance
  10. christian roulleau

    Temperature of the water

    Hello everyone, Does the difference between the temperature of seawater and that of rivers influence the rise of salmon?
  11. christian roulleau


    Hello everyone, Looking at my old rods I asked myself a question can be stupid; the rods lose their quality with age. Is the action modified after significant use? It's really a confined fisherman idea!
  12. christian roulleau

    Covid 19

    Good evening all, Before arriving in Grantown in a little month, I hope Borris is not going to do like Trump! How big is the epidemic in you? Do you think there are risks of blocking your borders?:shocked:
  13. christian roulleau

    Rio Unispey versitip SHD

    Hello, I can't find 20 'tips for a rio unispey versitip shoot; Do you have an idea ? use a 15 'tip doesn't it risk to change the balance .
  14. christian roulleau


    Hello , Looking at fishpal, I see that there is no fish caught on the spey! Does this seem curious to me or is it reality?
  15. christian roulleau

    Spey in April

    for 2020 I will be in Grantown in April! As now everything is out of whack, when do you think?
  16. christian roulleau

    Hardy Perfect

    Hello everyone, To obtain a more powerful brake on a Perfect; is it possible to engage the 2 tongues on the toothed wheel !!!
  17. christian roulleau


    Hello everyone, In your opinion it is the best connection line backing, this season I had a little trouble with a braided loop and it gives me a doubt
  18. christian roulleau


    Hello everyone, Soon the departure for Grantown where I would fish the last week of September have news because on the site SAIA it is very skinny!
  19. christian roulleau

    XO Vision

    Hello everyone, I just had an XO vision 14'4 # 9, if anyone to experience this rod? Any advice on which lines to use will be welcome. I usually use a vision CULT 14'7 # 9 and I can not find my landmarks with the XO. ( line Mid Belly )
  20. christian roulleau

    Hardy Perfect

    Hello everyone, I think of a Hardy perfect 4 or 4 1/4, I find it beautiful! Can you tell me about the brake; I fish mainly in Scotland but every year a small stay in Norway; or catches are different in size