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  1. bankwheel

    Nasty Banana

    Really like Frodin’s Nasty Banana so thought I would give it a go
  2. bankwheel

    Small Banana’s

  3. bankwheel

    Eagles on Speyside

    Not my tying, stunning flies by the best Ghillie
  4. bankwheel

    NoBody SD

    Kind of Slumdog with no body, I like the look of it, don't know if the fish will.
  5. bankwheel

    Simms Freestone wading boots Size UK8

    Simms Freestone Boots in a size UK8, felt sole with studs, worn once prefer my Patagonia Boots so £90
  6. bankwheel

    Patagonia wading boots SOLD

    Size 9 hardly worn too big for me tacky rubber sole £80
  7. bankwheel

    Guideline 3D+ FS

    I have 4 heads for sale 2x 7/8 and 2x8/9, all new and boxed, a couple have been taken off the spool for a look, never fished. F/H/I and F/H/S2 in each size. £40 each or £150 for the lot posted
  8. bankwheel

    Free Simms waders NOW GONE

    Guys, got an old pair of Simms G3 waders, repaired by DD a couple of times, size Small, still leakproof, willing to give them to a youngster for free. Can supply Hogman wading boots in a 7 for £50
  9. bankwheel

    14' Lyndsey Grant Custom FS SOLD

    Lyndsey Grant custom rod for sale. Stunning example of his work. Its a 9/10 but for me more an 8/9 so heads between 34 to 38g and spey lines around this weight. I don't use it so its surplus to requirements. It has a lovey easy action, its no poker, its a real nice fishing rod. The quality is...
  10. bankwheel

    River Findhorn 2021

    Its been a decent start to the season so far, the river was un-fishable the first week with night time temps down to -13 and most of the river iced over, then the temperature came up and the river went into flood for most of last week. The first fish a lovely 19 pounder came off Altyre last...
  11. bankwheel

    Loop Tactical Salmon line 31g SOLD

    Loop tactical integrated floating salmon line 36' head at 31g or size 8, No box but never fished been on reel only £40 posted
  12. bankwheel

    Gaelforce 8/9 Integrated SH SOLD

    Gaelforce integrated shooting head in 8/9 34g, no box but mint condition £50 posted
  13. bankwheel

    Guideline 7/8 3D+ heads FS

    I have 2 x Guideline 3D+ heads 7/8 29g in F/H/I and F/H/S2 both boxed and mint, test cast only £100 the pair posted
  14. bankwheel

    Blue Angel

    Good Spring Fly
  15. bankwheel


    Knock knock
  16. bankwheel

    Haggis Monkey

    Haggis Monkey, turnip dyed hackle, cut out and dried potatoe skin for JC substitute and wild dyed black haggis hair, very hard to get
  17. bankwheel

    The Orlive

    This was my favourite fly from the 2020 season, caught me fish on the Garry, Tay, Spey and Findhorn also my wife had the biggest salmon on the Avon on this pattern tied on a double
  18. bankwheel

    Saturday Night Music

    Ok guys what is everyone listening to tonight, for me I am having a wee dram listening to Aja from Steely Dan, surely one of the greatest albums ever, great writing and some of the best musicians on the planet at the time including Steve Gadd on the drums. Back then these albums must have cost a...
  19. bankwheel


    Had plenty of time at the vice recently so just sharing some outputs from that time. Today its Sunrays
  20. bankwheel

    Yokanga Gold