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  1. Rennie

    More TV Rubbish ?

    Sat swilling a cold one watching TV, and settled on Monster Quest on Sky History2, a program about Jellyfish. Apparently the Sea's now have dead area's due to pollution of various sorts that are very attractive to vast populations of really nasty Jellyfish, such as Box Jellyfish.Now, this next...
  2. Rennie

    Conventional Brass Tubes for Salmon

    Any one any idea where I can source conventional brass tubes with liner fitted, in 1", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2". Last time I used a guy in Newcastle ( ish ) if I remember and I got a few of each size in a neat plaggy box. Just rummaged E/bay and Amazon for very little result.My usual supply at B+Q is...
  3. Rennie


    Don't know if any of you non footie watchers saw the prog. on Sharks last evening same time as the footie was on ( hate the bloody game! ).Any road think it was a discovery prog. investigating the reasons why sharks attacked people in the water!. It was a very interesting watchable programme...
  4. Rennie

    First Day of the Rest of my Life

    Well it's finally here, as of 6am this morning, no more work. No short turn round this past w/end!, so slept the sleep of a normal person last night, shock horror didn't even wake at 05:30 when the alarm didn't sound!. Dogs looked at me gone out when I came down at 8:30 grabbed their leads and...
  5. Rennie

    Rage kits

    Any one any feedback on the Rage kits, in particular the tips, are they polys or pukka multi tips. Then what weight did you go for?, looking to line a 9/10 NT8, should I go for gram weight or Airflo’s grain recommendation. So far with my Rage lines I go for the gram rating. Many thanks, Pedro
  6. Rennie

    Hows that for customer service!

    Thought I'd share this with you.I own a Stonfo Flytec rotary vice.Now its a cool vice, very well made, but its never held hooks secure enough to tie properly using it. As I tie mainly tubes, it lives with the HMH tool permanently in place, with which its fine!. Now I've had it some years ( long...
  7. Rennie

    Vossler Passion reels

    I'm thinking about one of these reels for my NT8 rod and very close to biting the bullet.Now on the Vossler site it says the price includes tax's, so before the credit card gets another battering are there any pleasant surprises that await me on purchase before the actual delivery of the reel...
  8. Rennie

    How Deep is Your Flee Actually Fishing?.

    Well, as most of us are waiting for rain and Fish, just a topic of conversation as to do we give any thought as we rig up by the hut/car/bankside of a days fishing as to how deep our flee is actually going to fish and further how deep should it actually fish and why we should be fishing it at...
  9. Rennie

    Todays Aldi Bargain!

    Just back from the weekly shop at Aldi, this weeks item of interest is the ubiquitous head torch.3 LED white bulb item with a further 3 Red bulbs for the Sea Trouter's out there.Price?, inclusive of batteries a heady £3.99.Nice head band and the head will tilt so you can focus the light to...
  10. Rennie

    Line for NT8,13ft 9 ins 9/10

    Looking to line my above rod with an all round floater that'll handle polys. Currently on my old Power Taper distance cut and while it does a job, the wow factors a little conspicuous by its absence.I'm thinking an Airflo Scandi Long in 570 or 600 grains as the compact version lights up on my...
  11. Rennie

    The Appeal of the Willie Gunn

    So, there's been more Willie Bangs of one sort or another on this forum than Dots in a morse coders alphabet.Some faithful to the original and some showing a lot of thought, dexterity and creativity. So, why do we all think its a popular flee with us on the idiots side of the rod and our ever...
  12. Rennie

    Shiny, Blingy, New n Blue.

    Well I never, got a new ( to me ) toy in the form of Guideline NT8 13FT9 9/10. Sat with the rest of the Guideline collection ready for its inaugural outing- with me any way. Ha, better bit now, will be retiring in a few weeks and as part of the "clear off fatso" deal from work, I'll be given a...
  13. Rennie

    Hardy Rocket Scandi Heads

    Well, after rummaging this months T+S there's an offer on the Table for for the Hardy Scandi heads at 2 for £50.So I'm keen enough to take a punt. I'd be looking at then to cover my Zenith 12ft 6ins 7 weight.I already cast that with 510 grain Airflo heads. so I'm wondering which head size to go...
  14. Rennie

    Rod Blank Advice!

    Been thinking for a while about a self build, just wondering if any one has any feedback on the Aventik 13ft7/14ft 9 /10 blanks or the Bloke 14ft 8/9 XGNP which I can buy as a kit form for a very reasonable price! If it helps any prefer something thats very much an allrounder, full lines, heads...
  15. Rennie


    Well, my order arrived today, have to say I cocked up by ordering just as they started their Chinese New Years Holidays, but no sweat.So I order two running lines, a 7 weight single Spey profile line and a 300yd spool of 30lb backing. Giddily unwrapped my goodies as postie shuffled off back up...
  16. Rennie

    Is There a Difference Between a Hitch and a Wake Flee ?.

    Reading the 3 part post on hitch - which I'm enjoying by the way. Just wondering if the perceived wisdom is -are Hitch and Wake flee's the same thing ?. I'll be honest I've had sod all interest in the Hitch flee here in the UK, but I've had fish , missed loads and lost some on big wake flee's...
  17. Rennie

    Tea or Coffee ?

    To my age dulled mind, we've not done this one before.So as stir craziness begins to peak and I've scraped the bottom of the barrel with creative/innovative post's (wot Forums they on they all shout as one?), its a simple one, are you a Tea or a Coffee person. Flask, breakfast, refreshment...
  18. Rennie

    Graphene Rods in General

    Just a curious enquiry but in the face of the interest of the Gaelforce Graphene rods, is there any feedback out there on Scott Mackenzie's Graphene range?. To this day I've never seen one on the bank and not heard much on them at all. Merely wondering thats all. Pedro.
  19. Rennie

    Covid Injection

    Well, got my date from the vets yesterday, next thurs. and they'll be sharpening the needle with a rasp for me. Also booked my second stage of the process right down to the hour at the same time. Now I'll be honest, didn't know what to think about it at all, so much mis- information out there...
  20. Rennie

    Fed Up!

    Have to say its official, I am now cheesed off, wracked off, p****d off and completely fed up of covid, lock down and a lack of fishing. Past two days have been very up lifting weather wise, finally finished fitting the new gate on Monday, me n the Kray twins were out in the garden most of the...