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    Bib/vane falling out of rapalas?

    I've had the bib drop out of a rapala once before, it was old and well used so no shame to it I thought. Last year I seen 90mm black and silver £7.50 so I picked up four 2 of which have lost their bib after a short period fishing? Have I just been unlucky or is this a known issue, I was...
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    Help! is a Loop multi sh still a worthy buy?

    I'm looking for some feedback on a loop multi 9ft 5wt, is the rod old hat now or is it still a worthy of buying at £175? Was it a good rod in its day, how is the build quality and action, do you think its a good buy? Thanks Al
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    Your most productive lure?

    As the title suggests what's been your most productive type of lure over the years? My favourite are black and silver rapalas, if i was to pick a second a silver mepps would be it, however my experience isn't vast by comparison to others members here. Al
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    Anyone seen comet neowise?

    I was out for sea trout last night, around 1.30am the sky lit up with what I thought was a shooting star, apparently its a comet? What I seen was brilliant white bright and relative to a star it was tennis ball sized, it appeared around 45 degrees and continued burning brilliant white right down...
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    To smooth a drag?

    I got a new reel a few months ago and decided to grease the drag on day one, I'd read about it being smoother greased and since I don't need stopping power I decided to grease it. Super smooth it is, but I've noticed I can't just hold a steady bend without the reel click, click, clicking giving...
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    Diawa whisker 2 or 4 piece spinning rod

    Hi folks I need some advice/opinions? I'm looking at a 10ft whisker spinning rod but there's two different ones available a 2 piece and a 4 piece, what do you think is the better rod of the two the 2 piece or 4 piece. The 4 piece is better for travelling but that's not an Important thing...
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    Snowbee diamond switch V Shakespeare oracle switch rod

    I can't find much info on the Snowbee diamond 2 switch, I've been offered one at a reasonable price but I already have the 7/8wt oracle switch. Is it worth buying to replace my oracle or is it a side step. It would be good to hear some of your thoughts? Thanks Al
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    Let down by polytip loop

    Fishing the Tweed in the closing month I hooked a overhanging branch, i tried to shake it free with no joy so I turned away to snap it and to my surprise the loop on the polytip failed with much less strain than I'm comfortable with, its dented my confidence in them. How unusual is it for the...
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    Yesterday's catch my lucks changing.

    On Thursday the river had risen 2ft, yesterday the water was at the ideal 55cm so I went down to try my luck. I landed 2 and lost one other but had it on long enough not to be to concerned about losing it. This fish was pretty coloured but well rested it was near 10 minutes before I got it to...
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    What the difference with spey and trout ratings?

    I've read lots of times about rods being spey or trout weighted I can't grasp the concept? I've a 14ft 9/10wt salmon rod and it casts fine with a 9/10wt 15/16g line with overhead casts and it also casts fine with a 9/10wt spey line with a spey cast, the very same applies to my 7/8wt switch rod...
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    Invisible anti kink vane

    I've no doubt others will have come up with this but I thought I'd share it with the forum anyways... When using braid the line spin from flying C,s spinners etc is terribly obvious, it's not in my nature to overlook these things so this is how I've cured it. It's a good lternative to the...
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    Are jointed rapalas as good as the standard rapala

    Is there any real difference between them ? Jointed rapalas appear to have more movement and vibration from them than a standard rapala, do they catch as many fish as the standard type rapala? Or are they better suited for a particular kind of water ie coloured or really rough? Cheers Al
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    Changing rapalas to single treble and swivel.

    I'm changing my rapalas to single treble with a swivel and split rings and need some advice on hook size etc. What size trebles should I use with a 70mm and 90mm? What about 110s and 130s are they set up the same way or on the middle hook mount? Is it really necessary to tie the hook up? I've...
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    Wanted 5/20g 9ft spinning rod or similar

    I've got a rod sorted out. Cheers Al
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    Peacock butterfly

    Snapped this yesterday on route to the river. That heron shouldn't be fishing there! Al
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    Is it worth going to Grantown?

    I've got the opportunity to go to Grantown "Castle Grant" for a week starting Friday coming is it worth going weather permitting? Cheers Al
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    Cormorants stomach contents photo whereabouts?

    I seen a post recently with photos of a cormorants stomach contents, i can't find it now can anyone direct me to it. Al
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    My 1st salmon of 2019 at last

    I've fished long and hard to catch this one fish. I've fished the river every time we had rain and kinda expected a few salmon since early may/june anyway my persevering paid of today. Not the cleanest or biggest fish at around 8/9lb but absolutely one of the sportiest fish I've caught near 20...
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    A week on the Spey

    I got home on Friday after a week on the Spey at Grantown, i fished 5/6 hours a day for salmon and all the night for sea trout but never got any offers until early Thursday morning 2.21am when I hooked a sea trout around the 3.5lb mark not the freshest fish but very welcome, unfortunately that...
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    Supplier of 50lb gudebrod hollow braid

    As above im looking for someone that stocks 50lb gudebrod hollow braid? Thanks Al