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  1. christian roulleau

    Sinking spey line availability

    Carron Jetstream
  2. christian roulleau

    Where to salmon fish on a week in Aviemore.

    Kinchurdy near aviemore may be or grantown .
  3. christian roulleau

    Best salmon river i UK?

    Spey, Dee ?
  4. christian roulleau


    hello Kimbo, I found your post (2017) that's great
  5. christian roulleau


    Thank you
  6. christian roulleau


    Hello everyone, If that ****ing covid allows it, go fishing for a week at Woodend on the Dee in early September! I don't know the river at all, and arriving by plane so limited in luggage that must be taken, I have the choice between 13'4, 13'8, 15'2. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows this...
  7. christian roulleau

    New graphene Gaelforce rods

    I also think that the plus of the gaelforce rods is the perfect match with its lines; a bit like the zpey and its lines at the time.
  8. christian roulleau

    Powerspey MultiTip

    Hello everyone, Definitely the covid allows you to tidy up! I just found multi lines (powerspey) but impossible to get my hands on the tips. for a 9/10 I do not remember which tip to buy 9 or 10 in 15 '. It seems to me that it is the 10th but not too certain !!!
  9. christian roulleau

    How many days a year are people fishing and where?

    May and June in Grantown on the public course, during these 2 months once a week; Gordon Castle or whatever. In September 1 week on the Dee and a last one in Grantown. except 2020 and 2021
  10. christian roulleau


    Hello everyone, That's it, I'm vaccinated with AstraZeneca! Do you think Nicola will let me in at Aberdeen airport early September :ROFLMAO:
  11. christian roulleau

    GLX Roaringriver Greased line

    Hello everyone, Being deprived of travel this spring; I made myself a little gift; a Loomis GLX roaringriver greased line 15 '# 9/10 (used) Do you have any experience with this rod, I intend to use it with a mid belly line. Thanks for your help .
  12. christian roulleau

    Favourite short Spey lines in 10 wt

    Rio short head multi tip
  13. christian roulleau

    Scotland 2021

    Thanks guys for your answers; Indeed I see that it is the same thing for you, in France what is decreed on Monday is no longer valid on Wednesday, but applicable on Sunday; in fact no one really knows what to do. I still hope to be able to arrive at the beginning of May, and if I have to stay at...
  14. christian roulleau

    Scotland 2021

    Hello everyone, With very little information on what's going on in Scotland, how do you see the season ahead? I postponed my 2020 trip for this year, and should be in May and June on the Spey, in your opinion what are the prospects, are there any improvements, is the trend optimistic? Two years...
  15. christian roulleau


    good luck everyone, I hope this year I can come! but the horizon is very dark 🙁
  16. christian roulleau

    Question About a Rod Brand;

    just tried the 14 'model on a meadow. At first glance the rod is very well finished, light, obviously it works well with a shoot scandi (AFS) and a midbelly (unispey). On the other hand, it is used very little by fishermen; she probably suffers from a lack of knowledge; the brand is not widely...
  17. christian roulleau

    The Salmon Rod - An Old Friend?

    On the number of rods, new and old; it's my Cult Vision 14'7 # 9 which represents the best of what I would expect from a rod associated with a mid belly line like 2D Snowbee, it's really very pleasant. And although less efficient than some of my rods, it remains my favorite
  18. christian roulleau

    Plans for 2021

    If this virus **** allows it; it will be as usual: May and June on the Spey and September on the Dee. The advantage for the next season is that everything is already paid for; only the drinks costs😜