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    Where I've been fishing;

    Look forward to seeing more of your photos. Thanks for the above. Bob.
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    Glass ? is it coming Back ?

    Tried 2 seasons ago my old Hardy 15 ft.3 inch hollow glass rod which was my big rod for the backend and heavy flies. Considering i have improved my casting thanks to a friend who is a professional caster it was hard going. We do not realise how lucky we are compared with the tackle we had in the...
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    Hatcheries ?

    Do not know about the sea although i know that the numbers of seals has grown massively in my area. The river if there was a will could be helped along but that would mean people getting off there backsides and doing something.
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    Where I've been fishing;

    Thanks once again for your photos. I always imagine that you have the place to yourself. We have certain tree diseases here but the trees are usually cut and burned to help stop it spreading. Bob.
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    Hot weather and water

    I got washed down the river for best part of 150 yards. Was only standing on gravel less than knee deep. Turned round to get out and the gravel washed out under my feet. Had seen a well know angler H--- F----- jump in with thigh boots and done as told and laid on my back. Trouble was that my...
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    The Sentience Bill, salmon catch and release and Packham

    To my mind the best salmon conservation measure ever introduced was banning the sale of rod caught salmon. Other fishers used to say i was daft returning fish when they sold all there fish. Now the same ones that are left are the first to shout about a photo of someone holding a fish. Bob.
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    The Sentience Bill, salmon catch and release and Packham

    Have been on for years that fish in the upper reaches should be left in peace. There would be more good done if the owners of the lower beats gave a certain number of days per week / month to those at the top not to fish. Bob.
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    The Sentience Bill, salmon catch and release and Packham

    It is not a case of not seeing how few fish are about. It for me is more a case about banging on trying to get something done to help the fish and then for younger folk to have the chance of catching a fresh run fish. Bob.
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    The Sentience Bill, salmon catch and release and Packham

    The anties are against any thing that takes there fancy, Most of the public could not care less i would guess hence the amount of farmed salmon eaten. Bob.
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    The Sentience Bill, salmon catch and release and Packham

    The thing that strikes me about the whole debate is. For many years anglers have been said to catch about 10% of the total run. If we took half the fish we caught that would leave about 95% to breed. If that is not enough to keep the stocks ok then there is a very serious issue with the state of...
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    Fish&Fly Profile: Marina Gibson

    I can not understand how people get up tight about some one fishing. If you do not like it do not read it and if not happy move on. I just look who is posting and certain members i would not waste my time reading. For what it is worth i think this forum has improved over the years. Bob.
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    Earn 2021

    The only people that care about the river are us fishers. Most of the rest look on it as a money thing. Bob.
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    The Sentience Bill, salmon catch and release and Packham

    Salmon fishing and fox hunting are the toffs sports so ban them. [NOT MY VIEW] From what i have seen of anties it is simply against the upper class they are against. Properly because they are not. Bob.
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    Algae danger to dogs

    The fishing gets banned when the blue algae appears. There is a loch beside us which can have easily 30 plus cars parked and there owners in swimming / paddle boarding and other things. They have been told to stop but still carry on. Wonder what will happen if anyone dies. Bob.
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    Fish&Fly Profile: Marina Gibson

    I must be really old nowadays. I thought there were only a few women fishers as most women had more sense than spending the day out in usually cold weather. Bob.
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    Thoughts From A Heatwave…

    The fishing has changed and the modern fishers that i see just want to pay there money, fish and then forget it until next time. The birds / wild flowers /countryside /just being out in a lovely countryside are it seams seldom noticed. Bob.
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    The Sentience Bill, salmon catch and release and Packham

    Do you really think so. ?? We have a smoking ban that affected a lot more people than us fishers and it got through. Minim price of alcohol /seat belts /driving tests and so on. All those fishers that could not kill a fish. Vegans that go on about not eating meat to save the planet despite vast...
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    Not the biggest one I have ever caught

    No smoked salmon though. Bob.
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    SMOKING !!

    Looks like a lot of white fat in it to me. Bob.
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    Salmon Farming

    Think that the poor publicity that they have been getting is striking home. Otherwise why would there be a full page advert in the Herald telling us how good it is and how it has brought a lot of employment to certain areas. This appears most weeks. Bob.