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  1. bankwheel

    RJC Rods

    6 bits allows for greater design options on the blank so nowadays is a vast improvement
  2. bankwheel

    Nasty Banana

    Really like Frodin’s Nasty Banana so thought I would give it a go
  3. bankwheel

    A week on the Findhorn

    Thanks very much Neil, putty the fish didn’t stick but that’s fishing I guess. We are having an unseasonably hot and dry spell but once things cool and we get a bit of water we will start to pick up good numbers again. All the best BW
  4. bankwheel

    Wee 14 working this week

    Very nice
  5. bankwheel

    River Findhorn 2021

    This weekend we have big tides which will bring fresh fish into our pools, the issue we have is that we have had a prolonged spell of dry weather with hot sun most days so early mornings and evenings are best. I’m always the optimist so yes it’s worth a go. You need to adapt to the conditions so...
  6. bankwheel

    RIO SCANDI's etc.,

    Totally agree Allan (and I don’t say that too often😆). My wife got into salmon fishing just before the lockdown, if I had started her on a Spey line, I would still be trying to get her to cast a decent enough line to catch fish, which is the whole point. Instead she is using a Salmologic set up...
  7. bankwheel

    Skinny 16

    That’s lovely
  8. bankwheel

    River Findhorn 2021

    Last week Roberto Fraga had a couple of days with his son Raul, he is 8 years old (Raul not Roberto), when I turned up he had just lost a grilse then got a lovely 10lb fish and landed it all on his own, Roberto was so chuffed and I got the whole thing on video
  9. bankwheel

    River Findhorn 2021

    It’s low water but we have high tides at the end of the week this will bring some more grilse in. I saw a big run of grilse push in last Saturday so if the temperature drops and we get a bit of rain, it could be good. Get some small flees and some hitches tied up
  10. bankwheel

    Small Banana’s

  11. bankwheel

    Drams for the salmon fishing!!

    It’s really nice, one of the best I’ve had in a while
  12. bankwheel

    Eagles on Speyside

    He is some man
  13. bankwheel

    Eagles on Speyside

    Not my tying, stunning flies by the best Ghillie
  14. bankwheel

    NoBody SD

    Kind of Slumdog with no body, I like the look of it, don't know if the fish will.
  15. bankwheel

    Hardy Marksman 2 S-series 12’6” #9

    Definitely 12’6”, I will have a look
  16. bankwheel

    Hardy Marksman 2 S-series 12’6” #9

    There is one on FB fishing tackle buy or sell, same model
  17. bankwheel

    Young lad got a clonker

    Absolutely brilliant well done to him
  18. bankwheel

    Loomis stinger

    You won’t get a better modern rod, keep it and get a line that matches it,
  19. bankwheel

    Simms Freestone wading boots Size UK8

    Simms Freestone Boots in a size UK8, felt sole with studs, worn once prefer my Patagonia Boots so £90
  20. bankwheel

    Fishing with light tackle

    I have been using light rods and lines since I started fishing and yet some question why I use such tackle commenting that I should be using bigger heavier rods to get the fish in quickly, which of course is nonsense. I have had a few around the 20lb mark on my 16g single hander, no problem in...