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    Does anybody know where hut bay is on Lough corrib?

    A bit negative for a first time post-unusual name "dildoswaggins"_me thinks a bit of a joker😀
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    A lovely fly ,beautifully dressed.l,ve a soft spot for this pattern as l took my first salmon on one.l have seen grilse,sea trout and even large brown trout taken on replicas of the fly pictured
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    Bloody mice !!!!!

    Knew a guy who used to put cash in a shoebox and hide it in the attic ,away from his wife. He opened the box one day and found a cosy little nest made from his stash of notes.At least the wife couldn't spend the sawdust anyway.
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    JC Again

    A new fly made with perfect jungle cock eyes looks beautiful _nobody can deny it .l reckon most of the eyes split after a few casts when they hit the water ( in my case anyway)Do the splits make a difference to the fish?l honestly don't think so.Still like to start the day with a presentable...
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    Tea or Coffee ?

    After a hard day on the lough or river in spring you cant beat a coffee, but forget your lattes and americano. A proper Irish coffee is the only boy to kickstart the afternoon🔥
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    JC Again

    If u do the maths -jungle cock is worth more per gram than 21 carat gold_time to build a hen house and it wont be free range eggs I'll be selling🐓
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    The Drowes Produces A Whopper.

    Fish of a lifetime _silver fish ,should taste lovely or a great one to be it me or do l detect a hint of jealousy in some of the posts here?😀
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    Irelands 5km Travel under review.

    Even if they did say mid March _l wouldn't believe them _we were told a few weeks ago that lockdown would be lifted at the start of March_if we were good children
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    Polarised glasses

    Lake fishing or all day river fishing l use dark grey Polaroid lens_if l am intent on spotting individual fish ,l use amber polaroid lens to brighten up the river bed but they are hard on the eyes and an hours use is plenty enough for me .Dry fly fishing ,l use yellow non polaroid shooting...
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    Patagonia (the company) supports anti's!

    Who said it's on borrowed time?l never heard it was safer to fight alone?
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    Patagonia (the company) supports anti's!

    Would you also like to see salmon angling confined to history?
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    Patagonia (the company) supports anti's!

    The hunting and fishing community need to stick together as a whole-anglers,shooters etc. have had _and will always have disputes amongst ourselves.Our lifestyles are more threatened now than they ever were.Grouse shooting is the START with their agenda but certainly not the end result.These...
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    Best place you have ever fished?

    Trout_ lough corrib ( no contest) Salmon_ The big boulder, mountain rivers of Kerry during a roaring flood in June.Fished all over the world but u can't beat the home turf
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    Your best day's salmon fishing

    First salmon_fishing a Kerry mountain river in full August spate_marching through bogland and briars, l managed to hook up three times but never managed a firm hookup and lost all three.Was like a rabid dog but didn't give in and eventually sank the hook into a fish.Ten minutes of a tug of war...
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    Droppers - love or loath them?

    Only use droppers on lakes _l find it hard enough to land fish on a single fly-they normally head straight for the nearest snag when l hook 'em
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    Any pub in oughterard during the mayfly_a gathering of all the greatest liars and fibbers in Europe_not to be missed
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    Spinning rod

    First time fishing an ugly stik last season_the tip is very light and whippy_dont know how it sinks the spinners into fish -but it did last season _ on many occasions .A delightful purchase
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    Lough currane system_brown tags

    I see all spring salmon fishing is under brown tag until may on the whole system A few tags will be raffled on 3 dates .l know the seatrout has declined but l thought that the springers were plentiful during the last few seasons.lts going to be a nail in the coffin for some of the local people
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    Aldi kipper

    Yes _ farmed salmon is full of every type of growth hormone ,artificial colour,antibiotic etc The sealice from these farms near river estuaries have decimated seatrout runs in some Irish rivers l fish_but l don't think that totally eliminating them is the answer.This isn't a perfect world _ if...
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    What trebles

    I usually just ask for a box of "stingers"_l think the code is _st36bc trebles.Some lads fish them with a pin and others use a long shank single hook instead of a pin..One guy fishes using a single hook to straighten the shrimp and sticks a small treble in the head_therefore using a single +a...