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    Sea Trout from the shore

    I’m thinking of spinning for sea trout from the shore as a Danish colleague of mine had convinced me to give it a try. I’m just wondering what the legalities are with this in Scotland. If you know of a river that has decent sea trout runs how close to the river mouth are you allowed to fish? Do...
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    Skagit set up recommendations

    I’m looking to try a skagit set up this spring. I’ll be fishing it off a zephrus 13,6 8/9#. I have looked into it a bit and think I have the jist of it. My rod is rated 600 grains so would a 540 grain skagit fished with 10ft T7 and 10ft T10 be the correct formula or have I gotten it wrong, thanks.
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    Stolen Gear Ayrshire

    O,rite mate I'm gutted lost 2 10wt sage z axis rods ,sage 6010 reel, Loomis current reel Reuben Heaton scales with scotland flag on it , sage typhoon bag , Simms bib n brace , olive Simms fleece, Parmaris life jacket and countless pike fly,s ,and sage rod holder that holds 2 9ft 10wt rods and...
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    Fighting butt fitted

    Can anyone suggest a place to get a small fighting butt fitted to a single handed? Thanks
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    Line suggestions

    I’m looking for suggestions for a line for my Daiwa signature 11,3 8#. I’m going to be using it for sea trout at night so would like a integrated shooting head which is quite aggressive to reduce false casting and easy to roll cast also. Thanks
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    1 rod 2 days available northie

    A friend of ours has dropped out of fishing in April. It’s at pert on the 2nd and 3 rd of April. There will be myself and another fishing. If interested pm me
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    April Fishing days

    Hi fellas, I’ve got a day free in April to go fishing and I fancy either the Don or maybe the Teith. Can anyone suggest a beat on either of these rivers where I could get a day ticket. There doesn’t seem to be any info on fishpal for these two rivers, Thanks in advance
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    Thermal imaging camera

    Pulsar XQ38F Spare battery and charging station Used for literally less than 2 hrs. This is brand new basically ! Cost from new £2250, would accept £1700, pm for details Thanks
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    South Esk 2018

    Could not help but notice the omission of this river from the Scottish rivers thread. Has anyone been fishing it this year? Anything worth reporting?
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    North of Inverness Nigg

    Been informed by my work that I will be working In Nigg for a year, I will be working 2/2 week rotationso I was wondering if I could get on somewhere fishing after work at nights for sea trout/salmon that is close to Nigg, any help appreciated gents. Thanks
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    Slow start to spring

    Anyone else thinking that it's a really slow start to the season this year! Usually Loch Tay produces fish every other day, junction, park, all very quiet and only a few fish from the whole Dee system!
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    Zephrus 13,6 8/9

    Anybody any line recommendations fr this rod? I'm interested to hear experience with different set ups, thanks.
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    Greys Appolo Waders

    I am looking for someone who still supplies these neoprene waders, bought some years ago and were ideal for cold February spring fishing. Looks like they were discontinued.I realise this may be posted in wanted section but was hoping the more eye traffic would throw up a result for me. Thanks.
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    Vision cult

    Vision cult 13, 8 9# thanks
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    Shows yer BITCOINS

    Can someone please explain to me how these things work! I just can't get my head around this trading currency. I watched Branson and Michelle Moan telling the world it's the future but I can't get my head around it. There are other digital currencies but what is there value set against??
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    Spinning saves the day

    I was fishing a beat today on the Stinchar that allows spinning. I fished most of the day with the fly but couldn't connect with anything. I set up the spinning rod and first time down through a pool which I had been down twice through before with the flea and I had a fish. I've had a bad season...
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    Line recommendations Cult

    Looking for skagit line recommendations for a vision cult 13,8 9#, preferably a full kit, running line , head and tips, for spring fishing, thanks ,
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    Rod for the sea troots

    Looking to do a bit of sea trout fishing this year so I'm looking for a rod with plenty of feel in it and a nice through action, I've got a swift my 2 but it's too tippy and powerful, looking for something I can enjoy fishing with ease at night with plenty of feel to it, any offers please