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    Sage 3600 d reel

    Sage 3600 D Reel...... Hi , can anyone help me, where i can get my hands on another spare spool for my reel sage 3600d the finest reels made but for some reason sage stop making them!:confused::mad::mad::confused: I cant track down any remaining stockist who might have a spool that may be...
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    Cheltenham Napster

    Here goes if you got off to a bad start at this years meeting , try this one for wed THE GIANT BOLSTER. to tickle your taste buds, :cool: also theres big vibes for MR GARDENER on thurs 1st race, dont miss them
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    WANTED!! Hardy Angel mk1 spare spools 9/10

    Is there anyone selling or thinkin of replacing their Hardy Angel mk1 reel 9/10 or spare spools cos im lookin for these, cash at the ready should anybody be tempted too! cant even find used ones anywhere. guide me to any links brothers
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    Hardy vintage reel & spools

    Vintage Reel Hardy The Golden Prince 9/10 and two spare spools in pristine condition any sensible offers welcome pm me for details, all come in vintage black original zipped 4 1/4 reel cases, take a look on ebay:eek:
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    Salmon lines Wanted

    Does anyone know of which website or online shops that does the cheapest, to buy salmon lines preferably hardy machs spey lines. im wanting an intermediate/floating 55 head #10
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    Hardy Angel mk1 15ft #10

    can anyone tell me how much these rods are worth cos ive bought one brand new with all gaurentees for £650, but not sure if ive over paid for it as i know it has been superseeded by the mk 2, im now looking for the reel to match #10.