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    What's this 'Hunting and Shooting' stuff got to do with Salmon Fishing?

    Surely the clue is in the title of this forum? Don't hunters and shooters have their own online forums?
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    Has the drum beat of the smolt tagging project just been torpedoed by a key player? So, after 3+ years of spending over £2+ million tagging smolts and funding the saturation promotion of a populist narrative, it appears that predators on salmon rivers remove 'lame fish'. Furthermore, by...
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    Aberdeenshire Dee opening ceremony 2019

    Recent social media posts suggest that tomorrow's Dee opening ceremony is a private event for 'invited special guests' only. Is there another ceremony somewhere else on the river that less special anglers and members of the public can attend?
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    Latest smolt tagging rumours on Deeside

    100 smolts tagged on a spawning tributary in the upper river (upstream of Braemar). Tagging performed by Marine Scotland Science (fish labs) 16 (16%) assumed to have died due to immediate impacts of surgery/tagging. 82% of the remaining fish were subsequently recorded in the estuary at Aberdeen.
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    Blasted salmon and sea trout on the East coast of Scotland?

    There are persistent rumours that very large quantities of industrial-grade high explosives will soon be detonated underwater at former coastal salmon netting stations near Aberdeen.
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    How many salmon are likely to be 'saved' by killing a predator?

    How many salmon are likely to be 'saved' by killing one of each of the following natural, native predators? a. Sawbill duck b. Grey Seal c. Harbour seal d. Cormorant (Note: Assumes that the appropriate licence is held) Welcome estimates - together with details of the associated assumptions.