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    Nomads of the Tide

    Happy New Year All, Does anyone know where I could buy a copy of 'Nomads of the Tide - Fishing for Irish Sea-trout' by Chris McCully and Ken Whelan please? Any help would be grately appreciated as I intend to try for one off the English South Coast this year and need all the help I can get!
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    S2 / S3 Integrated Scandi Shooting Heads

    Hello All, Looking for a S2 or S3 Scandi Shooting Head. I fish the Hampshire Avon early season, so it's never a long cast but from often awkward high banks and an integrated line helps to retrieve close into the bank, where the fish often lie. Any recommendations much appreciated! Very best, Lew
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    River Frome

    I'm keen to fish the Frome next season; primarily using the fly for salmon, so would really appreciate any general overview or advice please? From what I can gather it's similar to the Hampshire Avon - principally a Spring fishery, with the majority of fish taken on spinner from May and the...