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    8/9 switch rod wanted

    Hi, looking to buy a middle class second hand switch rod around 11ft. Ideally, something like guideline, vision or loop brand. TIA
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    Salmon flies

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    Irish spawning season

    Spwaning has just kicked off got a bit of footage today
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    September Fish

    Got this guy on the fly today, who can guess what caused the gill damage?
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    The wait is over

    after 2 and a half seasons of hunting these confusing fish on a not so productive Irish river I finally managed one of these fish, taken on the fly and released to complete her journey.
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    Eastern Europeans poaching uk and Ireland

    I didn't think the uk had the eastern European poaching problem too, this is disgraceful! Check out the page if you want your blood to boil.
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    'one that got away' or 'favourite pool' threads?

    Can anyone put me in the right direction to find these threads if they're existent,thanks
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    First trip to Scotland march or April?

    I'm hoping to go to Scotland for the first time Next year to do some spring fishing in march or April, could anyone recommened a river where I'd have a chance of a springer? I would also like the river not to be that wide as to be able to cover it easily with the fly. All recommendations...
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    How to land a fish on single barbless flies?

    I finally met a nice fresh salmon on the fly after trying for ages, When I got the take I let the salmon take the loop and lifted into him not too hard, when I made contact with the fish he instantly turned and ran way downstream I wanted to gain some line back so I just tightened my drag by a...
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    Hibernicus your inbox if full

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    Loop blueline

    Anyone have one of these rods?
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    The fly under water?

    So I've been doing the rapala knot for a while now and have been quite happy with it but the guys i fish with (know a lot more than me) say my fly twists and doesn't act in a way the salmon will want to take it with this knot, they then showed me a knot called the double turle that they said...
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    Trout and salmon forum

    Don't tell me it's gone again is it?
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    River Moy tomorrow!

    I'm fishing the river moy tomorrow for the next 3 days anyone have any info is there many springers caught in February, is the river in flood, any info much apreciated thanks! ;):D
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    Most accurate weather site?

    What is the most accurate weather site you use for Irish weather?
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    Rapala questions!

    I know this has probably been covered before but when I searched it and flicked through all I could find was threads in the classified/wanted section looking to buy rapalas.first off what colour,size,weight and type of lure would ye recommend?. 2, what tecnique works best and what types of...
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    Trout and salmon forum?

    Can anyone confirm if this has been hacked? Thanks.
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    Airflo polyleader help!

    just took my airflo polyleader out of the holder to have a look and the clear mono part of the leader at the end is bent up to the top , i tried putting the leader in a book with a heavy weight on top but no joy any ideas? thanks.
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    my first salmon fly.

    I got the tying materials for Christmas so raced up to my room and produced this i don`t know a name for it i was just playing around any tips or criticism greatly appreciated ps i think the head way too big.
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    Starting to tie salmon flies

    From seeing all the masterpieces being put up on this forum daily it has motivated me to start tying so I ordered myself some materials to hopefully get cracking on a few tubes, looking foward to hearing your tips and criticism when I throw up a few photos!