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    Advice on unusual situation

    Deep canal like rivers - sounds like Denmark. These might help - depth and movement to both fly and lure.
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    Wye 2021

    Oh :poop:. Chicken that is.
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    Wye 2021

    At the Wye LFG meeting on 6th May we were informed the matter is still being reviewed by the EA's legal team.
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    Laddies first proper fish

    Hooked for life
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    Common Pool Names

    Church pool (River Severn)and the Brook /Brook pool (Rivers Wye and Usk) can be added to the list
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    Fishing slow pools

    Yes. A fly needs to look alive/have life so hand lining is necessary in a weak current
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    Have you seen a Shad?

    Have I seen a Shad – Yes Caught one yesterday at Ross and three today at Bredwardine. That is more that I’ve caught over the last few years. But unfortunately no salmon seen or touched.
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    Skjern River Salmon

    Lovely looking rivers and just look at the accessibility! Wish my home river the Wye was like that as in many places we have wall to wall willows making fishing impossible.
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    Polyleader Or versileader

    Rio Versileaders are the same weight irrespective of density. In salmon sizes the 6ft weigh circa 3 grams and the 10 ft circa 5 grams. Airflo polyleaders get heavier as the density increases. For example a salmon 10ft intermediate weighs circa 2 grams whilst the 10ft extra super fast sink...
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    Skjern River Salmon

    What a pristine fish – 25 lbs+ of muscle and on fly. I’m not jealous – much. That's worth a dram or three.
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    Wye 2021

    With the chicken farmers, sewage treatment plants and current farming practices in general, I hate to say it, but I don’t think we are even half way up yet.
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    Ribble 2021

    Auldghille your memory is failing. But as the songs where from more than half a century ago so excuses are allowed. I’ll never find another you was by the Seekers - 1964. The Frank Ifield song was 'I remember you' (1962): most appropriate for when we last saw salmon.
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    CD9 Rapala Inline Singles

    That includes the hook on a tube fly or on a toby then? Deeply hooked fish can happen with any method, fly included at any time. In Wales we have to use single barbless hooks on all spinners so having no hook on the tail effectively makes the lure hookless as a single on the belly just folds...
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    A new rod to play with...

    Nice pic of Ken’s pool. Get a 20 rushing downstream from there and it will put an even bigger bend in the rod especially if you are standing right at the top of the Bridge run where you were in the video.
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    Rapala 1 Treble Rigging

    That's the NRW!! Welcome to fishing in Wales
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    Rapala 1 Treble Rigging

    Looks good, but we can’t do it in Wales as, unfortunately, trebles are not allowed on spinners – singles only (barbless or de-barbed) although on plugs we can use UP TO 3 singles to replace the 3 trebles on (some) manufactured items.
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    Wye 2021

    No chance for Goodrich Court (next beat down from Ross AC) on Wednesday. Ross gauge currently 2.43m and still rising. Peak expected to be circa 3m around midday tomorrow dropping to perhaps 2m by Wednesday – way too high.
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    Rain glorious rain

    Well Iain we there is definitely a rise on the upper Usk, Yscir and Senni. How much we get lower down at say Brecon is difficult to say but a good couple of feet although as you suggest it will be dirty. Give it chance to flush though and maybe, just maybe, we might have a chance of a fish or...
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    Afon/River Tywi 2021

    As Joffun said it was sold a couple of years ago. It is definitely no longer on the club card or the members area of the website. Here is a pic of the 'trench at the top', by far the easiest bit to access. Of the 5 South Wales fisheries originally for sale only one remains on the club card...
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    Wye 2021

    Around Ross there is some early weed growth but it is too early to say if it will continue or be smothered by the algae blooms we have suffered in recent years. This year we’ve had very low water and sun but fortunately also frost which seems to have checked the algae at least for now. Can...