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  1. JJ

    Sage XP #7, lines and sea trout

    Hi I’ve farted about a lot over the last 10 years with Sage XP’s for everything from small river salmon, sea trout and bonefish - probably because my 6 wt is probably the best big trout rod I’ve ever used I want to recreate that mojo. I thought the 8 wt was a bit of a cannon and too stiff for...
  2. JJ

    Squamish or Miramichi New Brunswick in April/May

    For those of you who know- given a work trip that I can’t move and likely to be end April/May I have a chance to fish either Squamish system north of Vancouver or New Brunswick Nova Scotia rivers I know the species are different in each system ie steelhead or Atlantic’s respectively but if I...
  3. JJ

    Dunkeld House

    Fished it last Friday Very low water Few fish in the beat 1 caught by the ghillie, 4 paid anglers blanked Didn’t feel like a blue ribband day out
  4. JJ

    Nextcast Winter Authority fly lines UK dealer

    Hi Anyone know who stocks these in U.K. Please? Bought the last one in USA and customs charged me £22 for the pleasure so surely someone gets them in UK? Thanks John
  5. JJ

    River Moy in May - any advice?

    Hi Having surprisingly got a ticket for the Ridge Pool and Cathedral Pool for next weekend, and having not fished it before (dreamed about it for years though!), can I ask for some help from the Moy afficionados please:- - next weekend, what would your go to set up be, line, leader and fly? -...
  6. JJ

    BC dream holiday, any recommendations chaps?

    We have a dream holiday booked this year and we can't wait! We are hiring a RV and will drive from Vancouver to Harrison Hot Springs, Hope, Lillooet, Cache Creek, Kamloops, Revelstoke, Golden to Lake Louise flying home from Calgary I hope to get some salmon fishing in with a Spey rod sometime...
  7. JJ

    River Coquet 2018 - a fading jewel?

    Much interest in this once wonderful river this season ?
  8. JJ

    Helmsdale Opening Day - who's going?

    What a laugh last year, fantastic memories! Not swimming in it this year mind... What a start to the year this one is
  9. JJ

    Helmsdale Association Water

    After some great days out on the Helmsdale at Opening Week these past 3 seasons, and imbibing freely with the locals, I'm now on my way up soon for a couple of days on the Association water around the time of the Highland Games... Can't remember though, now Rons shop is shut, do I get a day...
  10. JJ

    Iceland & Norway get 200 miles, we get 12 - why?

    Brexit means we get our fishing waters back and can govern and enforce our own waters but.... Why have the tories only gone for 12 miles when our scandi friends got 200?
  11. JJ

    WD40 and Hardy sovereign drag

    Hi everyone Looking for a bit of advice, just bought a hardy gold sovereign and the drag knob was stuck fast, the owner said soak it in wd40 to free it as it hadn't been used for years. Now a mate tells me don't do that as it may contaminate the carbon disc drag! Isn't this drag sealed? Should I...
  12. JJ

    Hot fly patterns

    I know that often it's not the fly pattern but the speed, depth, angle, speed of retrieve etc but can we do a little poll for a pal of mine who's just starting out... He wants to tie his own patterns but where do you start when you assemble an armoury for the season So what patterns have...
  13. JJ

    The Tug is the Drug #7 - Kelly kettle, baby me and the Derbyshire Wye Hope you enjoy this one, you asked for fish - I give you FISH! Tight lines this weekend, one and all JJ
  14. JJ

    CND Solstice 13' 4 aftm 6/7/8 Spey rod

    Look at this on eBay: CND Solstice 13 foot 4 inch aftm 6/7/8 spey fishing rod Great grilse and sea trout rod
  15. JJ

    Tug is The Drug - Tyne at Bywell #6

    Hope you get a kick out of this one... We've all suffered a flooded off weekend, right? Please like and subscribe Tight lines John
  16. JJ

    The Tug is the Drug #6 - steelhead in USA

    Take a look at this video on Youtube; the latest from your low tech fishing gypsy, this time from the Hoh and Sol Duc rivers in the Olympic National Park in Washington state. More fishing, less rhubarb but still plenty of dicking about in this one.. All comments, encouragement and requests are...
  17. JJ

    Latest Tug is the Drug - #4 BFFI and Irish timehop

    Hi Enjoy everyone Hope you like the latest one... Next one is in a fortnight from the Pacific North West - Olympic peninsular steelhead - can't wait! Best wishes JJ
  18. JJ

    The Tug is the Drug #3 - the Chub, the Dove, Lucy Worsley & Luncheon Meat - VLOG Enjoy! Tight lines, JJ
  19. JJ

    The Tug is the Drug #3 - Chub, Lucy Worsley & Luncheon Meat - Fly fishing vlog

    Hi The latest offering from JJ of CBL... Please like and subscribe if its half decent, if it isn't - well that's life I guess... Fun doing it anyway!
  20. JJ

    The Tug is the Drug - No. 2 - Vlog from JJ of CBL - the magic of Helmsdale Wow that was cold! Enjoy!