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  1. BradfordMatthew

    Kenmore / Upper Tay in March

    Hi All, We up at Kenmore 1st week next March - any tips on where to take a few days. Dont wanna spend more than £50 a day - Ive fished the Tummel plenty plus the Earn but never the Tay proper so well looking forward, plus the scenery is amazing!
  2. BradfordMatthew

    Dee in Feb

    Hi there, My other half has booked us a week in Ballater in Feb. I can bring my gear so Im after a few days on the river. Any tips for where to go n what flies etc. Ta, Matthew
  3. BradfordMatthew

    Salmon behaviour in the river

    Hi All, It is said that salmon dont feed in the river before spawning but attack an offering due to instinct / reflex / anger / play / territory / etc etc. Is there any footage showing salmon interacting with ' would be ' prey in the river to see their behaviour in action? Many thanks.
  4. BradfordMatthew

    Best beats for March

    Hi there! I usually fish the Association water at Grantown in May so i know that area well. My other half has booked us a week on Speyside near Aviemore this year mid to end March! Great news and I can bring my gear. I am right to say the fish aren't that far up in March - wheres best to be...
  5. BradfordMatthew

    Great end to the season

    Well happy, bring on 2018!
  6. BradfordMatthew

    Spring Fishing Northern England Rivers

    Hi All, I usually venture to Scotland in the spring & then concentrate on English Rivers back end. If I fancied a change would I get any joy on say the Ribble or Lune in the spring? When I say spring I mean in a few months. Ta very much.
  7. BradfordMatthew

    Yorkshire / Lancashire in May & June

    Yorkshire / Lancashire in May and June Hi sorry if this has been covered elsewhere but I'm looking for some advise please. Rather than an annual week on the Spey, this year I'm toying with spending a week closer to home ( or the odd few days when the levels suit ). What's the best accessible...
  8. BradfordMatthew

    Marquis 2 or 3?

    Hi All, Gonna get a Hardy Marquis but can't decide the right size - heaviest line I use is 10 wt. Any advise appreciated.
  9. BradfordMatthew

    Using a single handed rod

    Hi, I used my single handed set up all day yesterday as the river was down to its bones. I basically fished as I would using a double hander ( allowing the stream to work the fly, leave on the dangle, a few pulls, retrieve & cast ). Or should I take advantage of the lighter set-up to work the...
  10. BradfordMatthew

    Salmo the Leaper DVD

    Hi Guys, I know this has been on the forum before - but has anyone got it on DVD that I could have a copy of? I did have it on VHS ( but got rid along with all my videos a while ago ) Of course I will pay. Ta very muich
  11. BradfordMatthew

    Sunray Shadow

    Hello, Soz if this has been done before but whats the best way to fish these flies?
  12. BradfordMatthew

    Single Handed Set up

    Hi, I know this has been covered but I can't find the thread. I want to use a single handed set up next year for salmon when the river / conditions suit - ie if I can hit the taking strip without a double-hander. Whats the recommended rod weight / length and line weight? Thanks in advance
  13. BradfordMatthew

    Mezz Flies???

    Hello, I fished a still water stock pond yesterday for rainbows & I was shown a mezz fly with a fantastic propeller action. The guy who showed me said they were available in salmon patterns and he had used them for sea trout - anyone seen these? Can't decide if they should really be classed...
  14. BradfordMatthew

    which hand to hold spare line?

    Hi, Which hand is best to hold spare line prior to releasing during casting? I always use my top hand but have seen footage of instructors using their bottom hand ( maybe less chance of tangles with bottom hand )? Cheers,
  15. BradfordMatthew

    Second cast on my last day of the year!

    Friday was a lovely, crisp autumn day, made even better by this little lady. Thanks to the instructor & his pupil who were on hand to assist.
  16. BradfordMatthew

    Felt Sole Waders - Screw in Studs??

    Hi, Any advice on whether to use screw in studs for felt sole waders. Also - do they prolong the life of the felt sole / prevent it from coming away?
  17. BradfordMatthew

    Fancying the Dee May / June next year

    Hello, On my way back from Grantown this May ( driving through the snow! ) I took the A939 to Ballater then onwards southwards. The drive was amazing as was the look of the river. Might give it a go next year - so regarding the Middle & Upper Dee - any tips on the best reasonably priced beats...
  18. BradfordMatthew

    River Findhorn in Tomatin area

    Hello, During my annual trip to the Spey in May I always take a drive up the A9 to Tomatin as its a lovely part of the world. Anyone know how to gain access to the fishing in this area and further up stream. Cheers,
  19. BradfordMatthew

    Trout and Salmon Magazines

    Hi, Got every issue since Aug 03 ( so thats over 9 years worth ) and thinking of selling or swapping. Any takers or offers?
  20. BradfordMatthew

    Poly Leaders

    Hi, I'm gonna start using poly leaders on a floating line - what would be the suggested range of leader (and lengths to buy to cover most situations, I would like to keep it down to 4? Cheers,