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  1. Ursus Nautilus

    Trondheim area 2021

    still 4 months to go before the season opens. The snow cover is on the low side of avg, but far too early to conclude anything. Very cold from early Jan and until last week, now unseasonally warm at the moment. Also far too early to conclude re travel restrictions the coming summer.
  2. Ursus Nautilus

    Aberdeenshire Dee 2020

    Just to have it started. It has been my personal guess for years, that we should see an upswing in catches again from 2020 or 2021. The whole catchment saw an unusually big flood in 2014 (Bertha) and then an even bigger one in 2015 (Frank). There are obvious more reasons for the decline which...
  3. Ursus Nautilus

    Trondheim Area 2020

    Just to have it started ;-) No significant snowdepth yet, but it has been rather cold for a couple of weeks. Should give a few feet of frost in the ground, which is good for both animals and the snowcover when the snow arrives. Nearly all long time forecasts tell of an unusually mild winter...
  4. Ursus Nautilus

    Trondheim area 2019

    We currently have a good Level of snow, and more snow is forecasted this week. We already have enough snow reserves in the Mountains for a good "flush out" druring the spring flood. Whenever that comes. The spawning-/redd- Counts for Orkla, Gaula and Stjørdal were unusually good this Autumn by...
  5. Ursus Nautilus

    Trondheim area 2018

    Nothing special going on at the time, obviously. We have had a more steady Winter than we have seen the last decade, and the snow cover is roughly on average for this time of the year. It has been colder than average the last week, and will be so for some time still. No big deal though, but You...
  6. Ursus Nautilus

    the state of the wild norwegian salmon stock - in english

    probably of general interest, recommended reading. Engelsk sammendrag av arsrapport 2017
  7. Ursus Nautilus

    River Dee 2016 stock assessment

    An interesting read, in my view : It is interesting in several ways, both because it gives a very good overview of the status of the fry and parr stock, but also the more general information. General, interesting information...
  8. Ursus Nautilus

    Aberdeenshire Dee 2017

    A thread dedicated to catches, conditions, trips and events on the Dee in 2017. Please do not "hijack" the thread, and keep forever recurrings themes like pro/contra C&R, pro/contra hatcheries, pro/contra research and so on in separate threads.
  9. Ursus Nautilus

    Plastic at sea ...

    I guess most of You have heard that the amount of plastic at sea - both visible and invisible - is increasing rapidly. And becoming a huge problem for more and more species, both fish,mammals and birds. A sick whale of a type never seen in Norway before, was culled a few days ago due to...
  10. Ursus Nautilus

    Trondheim area 2017

    News and posts from the Trondheim fjord rivers, mainly. That usually means Orkla, Gaula, Nidelva and Stjørdalselva. The two other, big rivers (Verdal and Steinkjer) will probably get much less coverage since they have low stocks/ are lightly fished. Some post regarding the rivers on the Fosen...
  11. Ursus Nautilus

    Where to stay?

    I'm fishing in the Ballindalloch area early May. My wife will Come With Me, but she is usually more keen on walking and scrambling. Than on fishing. I was wondering where we should stay, maybe Grantown? Any recommendations? Ursus
  12. Ursus Nautilus

    Genetic origin of salmon caught in the faroese net fishery

    Genetic stock identification of Atlantic salmon caught in the Faroese fishery more than 650 samples from 2 seasons tested. 16 % North american, 62 % northern european, 37 % southern european (incl UK) and 1 % Iceland. not what one would have imagined, maybe ?
  13. Ursus Nautilus

    Genetic origin of Atlantic salmon caught off West greenland of more than 14.000 , more than 2.000 samples have european...
  14. Ursus Nautilus

    Unsusually low sea ice cover in the arctic above Norway

    How will this influence the marine ecosystems, and the salmon and the ecosystem that the salmon depends on/feeds in ? And how will the weather, the dominating wind direction and the rain-/ snowfall be ? Spitsbergen has been up to 6 C warmer than the norm the whole year, and all of the Barents...
  15. Ursus Nautilus

    Bigsmolt production geting more popular

    The fishfarming industry now aims to reduce the overall time a farmed fish spends in sea cages. There are 2 main reasons : The death and escape rate for small smolts is in general high, and it will significantly reduce the sealice problems. Hence building smolt factories for "big smolts" is...
  16. Ursus Nautilus

    Bluefin tuna in salmon pen....

    The third one so far This year. This one took 2 days to catch
  17. Ursus Nautilus

    do beaver dams reduce salmon habiotat ? the short answr is yes, depending on river type
  18. Ursus Nautilus

    downstream migration of smolt past hydropower stations - research interesting reading, research based on radio tagging
  19. Ursus Nautilus

    Some reflections based on a documented 50 lbs + fish

    Read the story and see the pic at this link. In my view, an excellent story about a fish worthy of a place in The Domesday book of giant salmon vol III. And the fish is well documented - weighed in the presence of several persons and photographed. The fish was 52 inches long and 54 lbs (24,7...
  20. Ursus Nautilus

    recommendations for reasonably priced travel salmon rod ?

    I 'm a bit tired of both hauling the "bazooka" rod tube around, and for paying too much to get it With me on air travels. I was thinking of maybe buying a couple of 6 piece travel rods, to have differents setups available, and for having a reserve, if something breaks. I broke 2 leCies the same...