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    Rod Clearance

    Guideline Reaction FRS 12'9'' #8/9 RRP £799.99 £450 posted Guideline Kispiox Kit 9'6'' #7 RRP £ £150 posted Guideline Exceed 9'6'' #7 RRP £249.99 ........ now £160 posted Guideline LPXE RSV2 9' #9 RRP £369.99 ....... now £260 posted Guideline EXP4 9' #5 RRP £99.99...
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    hardy demon 7000

    have a customer wanting a hardy demon 7000. Must be in good condition.
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    Guideline reels

    Guideline Quadra 8 10. Reel has been loaded with 30lb backing but has yet to be used. No marks on the reel and is complete with the original box and reel pouch. RRP is £288.99 Reel posted for £180 Guideline Haze 10 12 Reel is loaded with 100 yards of 30lb backing. Three very minor scratches on...
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    14' Makenzie DTX G2

    Have a traded in 14' Mackenzie DTX G2. Rod is in fantastic condition and is complete with original bag and rod tube. Used only a handful of times due to last years conditions. £250 posted.SOLD
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    Zpey ex demo clear out rods, reels + lines

    Ok ladies and gents this is the last of the Zpey gear we have. All ex demo however some of the gear has seen little or no use. We are open to sensible offers on all the tackle. Get in touch via pm, call 075443087098 or email Zpey HM Signature series: 13'9'' #10 34 grams...
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    Henrik Mortensen Irish Seminars 2015

    Ok Ladies & Gentlemen we have all the details confirmed for the Irish henrik Mortensen seminars this year. The Seminars will take play from Saturday 2nd May to Tuesday 5th. Each day is limited to only ten rods and it is a private event. This year it will take place on the Drowes Salmon fishery...
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    Loop - g loomis - sage

    Here's a few rods brought in lately as trade ins. Thought I would give the SFF first go at them. Loop Goran andersson 12' #6 Rod Is four piece and in superb condition seeing less than a full seasons use. Ideally suited to lines around 24grams. Comes complete with rod tube and rod bag. £250...
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    irish angling expo swords

    Just a we heads up guys the Irish angling expo is running this weekend in swords, Dublin. Casting demonstrations, talks and a huge range of tackle stands on display not to mention fisheries and angling bodies. A.M Angling have a large stand bext to the casting pond, the full range of salmologic...
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    Henrik Mortensen Seminars 2015

    After the success of last years seminars we have arranged to run them again this year. For the Irish guys we will be hosting four days of seminars from Saturday 2nd - tuesday 5th of May. Once again the days are limited to 10 anglers each day. For the guys who attended last years course Henrik...
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    Welcome to salmologic

    Salmologic has gone live. You will find all the products on offer at salmologic We are very proud to be the only salmologic partner in the UK & Ireland and we are on hand to help you with any queries about the gear day and night. Once again we have invested heavily into a range of demo gear we...
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    loop, zpey, mackenzie + shakespeare

    heres a few items that have been brought in recently and i thought i would offer the sff members the first shot at. Loop classic 15' fly rod. Seen little use and again in good condtion. Handle is in good shape. Rod is missing the tube but has the original rod bag. £200 posted Loop Multi 9-12...
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    The G&G Sytem

    The G+G System Thought i would share this with the readers and let yous all know about the changes coming with the release of salmologic..... because it makes sense! salmologic...
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    Vosseler reel clearance

    We managed to get our hands on a sizeable batch of vosseler reels at a great price. That means good prices for our customers. We will not have these prices displayed on our website and once these reels are gone, they are gone. Get in touch via pm, email or call...
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    Zpey HM Signature 13'9'' Guideline LXI 12'9''

    Here are two trade ins that i thought i would give the guys at SFF first refusal. Zpey HM Signature 13'9'' #10 34 grams 5 piece. Rod is in superb condition, bought at the end of the season and still to be used on the river. Has been test cast on stillwater about 5 sessions. £250 posted...
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    Fly Line clear out. Final reductions

    Heres the final clearance of our remaining heads and lines of the 2014 season, we need to make room for some great new products in 2015. All prices will include free delivery of the items. To order simply send me a PM on here, contact our Facebook page, email or call/text...
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    End of Season Sale

    With the Majority of our fishing in Ireland now finished its now time to announce our end of season sale. Huge discounts off the stock inshore and each day more and more will appear online. We are offering up to 50% off some items and good savings on the likes of the Shakespeare Oracle rod...
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    Spring time flamethrower

    With the majority of the rivers in Ireland now closed for the season all we can do now is prepare for next year. Working on my collection of single flies for the finn and especially the Slaney. So heres a Spring Green flamethrower tied on the Partridge Patriot Up eye Single as both these rivers...
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    Airflo Rage, Scandi and Skagit clearout

    Clearing some airflo Rage, Scandi and Skagit heads. All lines are brand new and in the box. Each head is normally £34.99 but now only £25 posted. Rage Compact Float: 450 grains 480 grains 510 grains...
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    Salmologic UK & Ireland

    A.M Angling is proud to announce that we have been appointed as the exclusive retailer of Salmologic in the UK and Ireland. We will be stocking the full range of products and working closely with the brand over the coming years to ensure the customers get the right tools for the job. Salmologics...
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    Loop Cross S1 12' #7

    12' # 7 Loop Cross S1 two handed fly rod for sale. Brought in as part of the A.M Instant upgrade. Rod is in great condition and only purchased at the start of the seaon by the owner. Cork is in great condition as is the rod blank. Metal rod tube has a few chips to the paint but i guess it was...