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  1. butter o mary

    “Disturbed Waters” (kayaks/swimmers/dogs)

    Back in the day there were huge build ups of salmon in the lower Tay tidal reaches. Literally thousands of fish in the mid to late summer. At high tide there were water skiers galore for hours on end - every day. As soon as it was low tide we would still catch (on occasion!). It did not put the...
  2. butter o mary

    Riverside Graffiti

    Just above Perth - over the Almond.
  3. butter o mary

    Made in ???

    A mate and I used to tell others that the best Partridge hooks were those inspected by someone called LINDA. We managed to get a few guys to believe us. I like to think they would ask for / look for LINDA hooks in the local shop.
  4. butter o mary

    Life Preserver advice needed

    Thanks guys - really appreciate all these replies.
  5. butter o mary

    Life Preserver advice needed

    Hi - I have reached an age where I no longer feel invulnerable. I would appreciate any recommendations from the forum in relation to a decent life vest. Many thanks in advance.
  6. butter o mary


    Great to hear your Geordie comments. He caught me with the rod tap a few times as well. Quite a man. They threw away the mould. Bumped into him last year......hardly changed but he needs a haircut (I am of course just jealous). The story about the lamb is utterly typical of the man.
  7. butter o mary


    Geordie Stewart Stanley. If you know - you know.
  8. butter o mary

    Strangest thing youve seen fishing?

    Was fishing on the lower Tay - many years ago. A fellow angler lost a fish (line broke) he was fishing with the wee red devils (shrimp) A couple of hours later he hooked a fish, played it and landed it. His hook had gone through the eye of a swivel........attached to a 2 feet of line and the...
  9. butter o mary

    Surely someone is going to start a Tay 2021 thread?

    Any takers?
  10. butter o mary


    MTFU Pete.
  11. butter o mary

    Anybody used Saber Wellies? Or have any Recommendations?

    100% agreed. Pricey but my pair must be 10 years old at least and are still going strong. Get worn regularly in the winter plus fishing days in the boat etc in the season. Strongly recommended and will pay for themselves in time.
  12. butter o mary

    Atlantic Salmon Magic

    Hi Peter, Hope all is well. Fishing is still allowed in bonnie Scotland (within certain limits......thank you Nicola!)......we will be thinking of you stuck inside in the dry and warm. PS its HOBNOB. You should know better! Book looks good. I feel a purchase coming on. Screaming reels for 2021.
  13. butter o mary

    Salmon are like Buses - - - -

    Red Devils = shrimp / worm IMHO
  14. butter o mary

    corona fly r us

    Not a salmon fly.......Pearly Invicta. Invicta in Latin means undefeated or unconquered. Seems appropriate in the battle against Covid-19.
  15. butter o mary

    River Tay 2019

    I might be missing something but I cannot locate a thread for the Tay 2019......can some kind soul point me in the right direction please? Surely this is not the first thread for the Tay 2019? Maybe there is nothing to say because there are no fish? The cormorants have eaten them all? Stevie...
  16. butter o mary

    sons first salmon

    Thought I would share this happy day. My son got his first salmon at the weekend. A little over 5lbs and covered in sea lice. Lower Tay. Needless to say his father blanked (again) - but it made my day as much as his.....hopefully the first of many.
  17. butter o mary

    Coloured fish and the Tay Extension 2013

    I have been lucky enough to fish the lower Tay every Saturday and an occassional weekday since the second week of September. I have had a few good days - and one fantastic one where I had a PB for a fish on the fly. I was lucky enough to land 20+ fish and all my fish were returned barring one...
  18. butter o mary

    wanted 12 weight double taper floater

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I use this line for fishing the lower Tay on occassion and my old one is cracking up. Cannot seem to locate them anymore - probably due to the proliferation of 'triangle taper' 'wulff' 'spey style' lines. I use it as a shooting head - so any help /...
  19. butter o mary

    Tay versus Dee - only one way to decide - FIGHT! (in the words of Harry Hill)

    Just wondered what the forum thinks re the following. I take an interest in the Tay and the Dee and often check to see whats being caught on both rivers - having been lucky enough to fish both over the years. I note the Dee is doing much better in the first week that the Tay seems to be...
  20. butter o mary

    A solution for the Tay

    Hi Guys, As we all know the Tay has had a disaster of a season. As a Tay regular of nearly 30 seasons I really think all effort should cease for 5 years to permit stocks to recover. Of course landowners, and ghillies would suffer but it would be worth it in the long run. Catch and release is...